Recovering a bricked CC3D board using a Bus Blaster

Angus describes on his blog how he used the Bus Blaster to recover a bricked CC3D board: A few months ago I went to upgrade my OpenPilot CC3D board an something went amiss and I ended up trashing the bootloader. I didn’t have a SWD dongle to reprogram it with so its been collecting dust. I just […]

Workshop Video #44: Bus Blaster v3 design overview

Bus Blaster v3 design overview, programming and self-test. We also thank Microchip for sending us 2 tubes of scratch ‘n’ dent 23LC1024 marked 23K1024. Read about the Bus Blaster v3 and how it came to be, below. Update: new video with correct sound mixing

Program Actel FPGAs with the Bus Blaster using DAT files

Mikelelere modified Actel’s DirectC 2.7 programming utility to support the Bus Blaster. With his modifications you should be able to program Actel’s FPGAs using programinn DAT files. The Bus Blaster is a high-speed JTAG debugger for ARM processors, FPGAs, CPLDs, flash, and more. You can get a Bus Blaster v2 for $34.95 at Seeed. Via […]

3D Model: Bus Blaster v3 in a Sick of Beige v1 case

Today’s 3D model is the Bus Blaster v3c in our  Sick of Beige v1 enclosure. The Bus Blaster is a high-speed JTAG debugger for ARM processors, FPGAs, CPLDs, flash, and more. The v3 is a PCB, and part placement change only. The electrical connections are identical to the Bus Blaster v2. Get a Bus Blaster […]

Eagle Parts: Serial 1.8” TFT and 2×10 shrouded header update

Lately we’re playing around with a 1.8” serial interface TFT which can be bought from eBay for ~$6. We added it to our Eagle part library. We also found some errors on the standard Eagle footprint for 2×10 shrouded headers we use in the Bus Blaster v3. Image of the new, fixed shrouded header’s footprint, […]

Workshop Update for July 23rd, 2012

Tickets are booked for the Singapore Maker Faire August 4 and 5. Ian will give a presentation at the Singapore Hackerspace on Friday around 5:30 before the regular pizza and beer night. We’ll have videos of Singapore’s electronics shops, the Hackerspace, Maker Faire, and more. Bus Blaster v3 and v4 prototype boards arrived and will […]

Workshop Update for June 15th, 2012

Today we ported the open source USB to two microcontrollers, the PIC18F2550, and the PIC24FJ64GB002. While the echo demo we had worked with the PIC18F2550, it was built to work with the IR Toy, so some board specific stuff was in there. The new ports are bare bones, and are intended for any board that […]

Workshop Update for June 14th, 2012

Today we worked on the homemade flux video. Documentation for the Part Ninja continued. Most of the part recognition diagrams are uploaded, and the information on how the Part Ninja identifies different parts was added. Today we took a look at the Bus Blaster, and how we could improve it. This project is very far […]