Workshop Update for June 15th, 2012

Today we ported the open source USB to two microcontrollers, the PIC18F2550, and the PIC24FJ64GB002. While the echo demo we had worked with the PIC18F2550, it was built to work with the IR Toy, so some board specific stuff was in there. The new ports are bare bones, and are intended for any board that […]

Open source USB echo demo ported to the PIC18F2550 Breakout Board

We ported the open source USB echo demo to the PIC18F2550 Breakout Board. It has only the bare essentials you’ll need to get a CDC class USB project going on a PIC18F2550. The code is setup for a 12 MHz crystal. To change to another just edit the #pragma config PLLDIV = 3 line in […]

HID is one step closer on the open source USB stack for PIC microcontrollers

Dolabra took up the task to add support for the HID class to Hoken and JTR’s open source USB stack. Up till now it only supported the CDC class, and HID is still a long way away, but progress has been made. Yeah! a small victory. I got a set of descriptors that enumerate! The […]

Open source USB stack for PIC18F and PIC24F updated

JTR released a major updated to the open source USB stack that’s been brewing in the forum. It’s been designed to work with a generic echo demo, the Bus Pirate v4, the USB IR toy, the LCD Backpack, the Locgic Shrimp, and the Logic Sniffer. So far only the CDC class is supported, meaning only […]