Workshop Update for July 23rd, 2012

Tickets are booked for the Singapore Maker Faire August 4 and 5. Ian will give a presentation at the Singapore Hackerspace on Friday around 5:30 before the regular pizza and beer night.

We’ll have videos of Singapore’s electronics shops, the Hackerspace, Maker Faire, and more.

Bus Blaster v3 and v4 prototype boards arrived and will be assembled later this week.

The Bus Blaster v3c was modeled, and rendered for today’s 3D model post. We also added, and fixed a few parts in our Eagle part library, which we’ll feature in tomorrows post.

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  1. This sound like fun. If I’m passing through Singapore around the weekend of the 4th I’ll try to make it.

    In terms of Singapore electronic shops, It would be nice to see where the locals can take other than your obligatory trip to Sim Lim Tower.

    If you find some interesting places, be sure to pass us complete addresses and contact information, including Web/Email addresses – very useful for those of us in or around Singapore.

    Two major distributors with stock in Singapore are Element-14 (Farnell-Newark) and RD-Components Singapore. I wonder how their on-island operations compare from the inside. I’m sure they’ll open-up so you can have a look (or tell us if they refuse).

    Have Fun… David in Jakarta

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for the reply.

      Correction: “RD-Components” should be RS-Components” – yes RS from the UK. This Singapore Web site for RS is here:

      The Singapore site for for Element-13 (Farnell-Newark) is here:

      If and when you visit Sim-Lim Tower, where there are a bunch of electronic component shops, do also take a look at Sim-Lim Square. Sim-Lim square is a different building diagonally across from Sim-Lim Tower. Sim-Lim Square is a major center for computer-related stuff. Lots of interesting stuff there too.

      What you will find in Sim-Lim Tower are some shops dealing in mostly hobbyist stuff. Nothing like what you have reported on in China, Korea, and Japan (well, maybe a little closer to Akihabara in Japan, but on a much smaller scale). I think you will be relatively disappointed in comparison.

      That’s why (not living in Singapore) I would like to see what your local chaperones can uncover.

      Maybe some day when I go to the electronics area in Jakarta, called “Glodok”, I’ll take some pics/vids and post them here. Definitely more a “Third-World” electronics shop adventure, to say the least.

      Regards, David in Jakarta

      1. Element14 is my first stop whenever I need small quantities of parts. I can order at 4pm and have the parts delivered by courier from the Singapore warehouse to my doorstep in Malaysia before 11am the next day. Free shipping for orders over USD50 or USD7 in shipping for smaller orders. I really can’t complain. ^_^

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