ATX Breakout Board V1.1 Acrylic case back in stock

The ATX Breakout Board v1.1 Sick of Beige case is back in stock at Seeed Studio. This case is designed to be simple, cheap, and easy to assemble. The ATX Breakout Board is sandwiched between two laser-cut acrylic sheets, and the whole assembly is held together with aluminum screws and standoffs. This is a minor […]

Sick Of Beige Basic Case v1 (DP9056)

Sick Of Beige basic case v1 (DP9056) is back in stock at Seeed Studio. A clear laser-cut acrylic project case kit that fits DP9056 golden-rectangle PCBs (90mmx56mm). Protect your project from electrical shorts and fingers, but keep it accessible for hacking and showing off. Get Sick Of Beige basic case v1 (DP9056) for $3.

BlueFlyVario with the Sick of Beige DP5031 case

Alistair Dickie shows off his BlueFlyVario in a Sick of Beige DP5031 translucent blue custom case: The BlueFlyVario is a flight instrument for measuring vertical speed and altitude based on atmospheric pressure. It consists of a simple hardware device that measures the atmospheric pressure 50 times every second, with a resolution that enables the measurement […]