App note: Avoid PCB layout “gotchas” in ISM-RF products

Here is a tutorial from Maxim giving some hint on how to avoid pitfalls in high frequency PCB layouts. RF products for industrial, scientific, and medical systems (ISM-RF) often feature very compact circuitry. To avoid common design pitfalls and “traps,” the PC-board (PCB) layouts for these applications warrant careful attention. Operating in the various ISM […]

3D Model: Bus Pirate and breadboard holder 2

Today’s model is the second iteration of the Bus Pirate and breadboard holder we designed for a kit we are prototyping. It this version the Bus Pirate is interfaced with a TO220-5 packaged IC. The holder board was designed in Sketchup and the design SVG files were sent for laser cutting. Free PCB to the […]

3D Model: FT230X Breakout Board with prototyping area

Today’s 3D model is the FT230X USB-to-UART IC Breakout board with a prototyping area. It also features a LTC4053 Li-Ion battery charging IC giving you the option to add this to your prototype. Some errors creeped up on the PCB design which were caught today. Namely the LTC4053 pads are a not long enough,  and […]

Workshop Update for October 18th, 2012

Today we concentrated on getting the Workshop Video out. Got two nifty tubes of scratch and dent chips from Microchip. Bus Blaster v3, and v4 finished validation and are going to manufacturing. We continue working on the TFT carrier board, with a preliminary schematic pictured above. This one features a PIC24F microcontroller, and an SD […]

Workshop Update for October 17th, 2012

Wish we had some exciting news, but today we’re just jugging wholesale, emails, and whatnot. We did get a chance to update the Soldering Iron Driver documentation for an upcoming start of PCB sales at Seeed for $7. In that respect, we also started a 3D model of the same (pictured above). We’re also working […]

3D Model: Bus Pirate v4c AKA the Sick of Beige version

Today’s 3D model is the Bus Pirate v4c, also know as the Sick of Beige compatible version. The Bus Pirate is an open source hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff. Check out out Sick of Beige customization tutorial explaining how to fit your project into our Sick of Beige cases. The models will be published […]

3D Model: Bus Blaster v3 in a Sick of Beige v1 case

Today’s 3D model is the Bus Blaster v3c in our  Sick of Beige v1 enclosure. The Bus Blaster is a high-speed JTAG debugger for ARM processors, FPGAs, CPLDs, flash, and more. The v3 is a PCB, and part placement change only. The electrical connections are identical to the Bus Blaster v2. Get a Bus Blaster […]

3D model: Sick of Beige v1 template design

Sick of Beige v1 DP5031 cases are done, so we needed a generic image for the sales page. Today’s rendering is an image of a DP9056 standard size to use at Seeed. The basic case is simple, cheap, easy to assemble, and fits our Sick of Beige standard PCB sizes. Check out our tutorial on how […]

3D Model: 1.8” TFT Backpack

Today’s 3D model is a 1.8” TFT Backpack board we’ve been playing with lately in the workshop. It’s a cheap 1.8” serial TFT we got of of eBay. The picture was rendered using Kerkythea, sorry about the light-umbrella reflection on the screen. The board features a PIC microcontroller that controls the TFT, handles USB communication, […]

3D Model: FT311D Breakout Board

Today’s 3D model is the latest board from our shop, the FT311D Android Open Accessory IC Breakout Board. It’s designed on our DP6037 standard sized board, for compstibility with out  Sick of Beige cases. Check out out Sick of Beige customization tutorial explaining how to fit your project into our Sick of Beige cases. The models will be published […]

3D Model: ATX Breakout Board v1.1 Sick of Beige case

Today’s 3D model is the Sick of Beige case for the ATX Breakout Board v1.1. This board recycles an old computer PSU into a handy bench tool with 3.3/5/12/-12 volt supplies. The case uses  8x8mm standoffs and some bolts to hold together the 2 laser cut acrylic sheets. Expect it in production soon. Check out […]

3D Model: Bus Pirate LCD adapter v3a

Today’s 3D model is a small revision of the Bus Pirate LCD adapter v3. We added an optional 2×8 HD44780 header footprint to the board, as per EEVblog’s suggestion. Check out our tutorial on how to build 3D models from Cadsoft Eagle board files, as well as the tutorial on how to render life like […]