Another day, another project, another fixup..

We designed a microcontroller board for a power supply, but somehow we forgot to add the oscillator to the circuit. We thought it was enough to add two nets called ‘OSC1’ and ‘OSC2’ to the schematic… Why can’t Eagle cope with that automatically?! The lovely photo was taken with an A5000, and Android-based clone of […]

Seeed Studio’s new PCB assembly prototype service

Seeed Studio PCBA prototype service testing:     Appreciated you use our fusion PCB service before. For greatly increase your efficiency for your product design from prototype stage, it bring a new service for your check. We are going to launch a new service online at the end of July—PCB assembly prototype service. We could help […]

Prototype propeller accessory for RasPi

Wardy’s prototype propeller accessory for RasPi The prototype for my Propeller accessory is pretty much finished now.  The final one will be a proper PCB with hopefully FOUR Propeller chips on it!  I’m using one for this prototype to ensure that the basics are working such as I2C and bidirectional serial comms between the Pi […]

DP6037 Protoboard v1 PCBs are available at Seeed

A multipurpose 0.1″ pitch prototyping board that fits a DP6037 acrylic case is now available at Seeed Studio. This one is pretty small, just 60mm by 37mm, bigger boards are on the way. We originally made this board for building up quick and simple reference circuits with through-hole chips, such as the DIP ARM chip […]

Soldering iron driver v1.5 PCBs are available at Seeed

Hardware hacking is more fun with open source, DIY tools. That’s why Arhi designed a completely open soldering station controller motherboard. And we designed a through hole version that is now available as a PCB only at Seeed for $7 The completed PCB is the heart of a soldering station, able to control several types […]

Workshop Video #44: Bus Blaster v3 design overview

Bus Blaster v3 design overview, programming and self-test. We also thank Microchip for sending us 2 tubes of scratch ‘n’ dent 23LC1024 marked 23K1024. Read about the Bus Blaster v3 and how it came to be, below. Update: new video with correct sound mixing

PREVIEW: CPLD-based XT-IDE adapter V2

The second version of our CPLD-based XT-IDE adapter PCB is about to go to the board house. In this update all the logic ICs have been moved to the CPLD, making it fully programmable. The XT-IDE project is a Vintage Computer forum driven project to develop and manufacturer an 8-bit ISA IDE controller. It allows […]

NEW PROTOTYPE: USB Infrared Toy v2

Use a remote control with your computer, view infrared signals on a logic analyzer, or capture and replay remote control buttons. USB Infrared Toy v2 has higher-power infrared transmitter and several new features. Read the full design documentation. NEW: 100mA constant current IR transmitter with improved range NEW: Infrared frequency measurement NEW: Pin breakout area […]

NEW PRODUCT: Surface mount protoboard SOIC

Dangerous Protoboard: Bus Pirate v3/SOIC is now available for $10.  This is Sjaak’s special Dangerous Protoboard for working with SOIC chips and SMD parts, it includes a Bus Pirate v3 connector for easy testing. It has footprints for: 0805 parts (59x) SOIC chips from .150″ to .3″ (max 112 pins) SOT23-3 (16x) 26×10 pin through-hole […]

Prototype: Bus Pirate 3EEPROM explorer board

This is an old version, see the latest version on the documentation wiki. Now you’ve got one of Hack a Day’s Bus Pirates, what do you do with it? Learn about 1-wire, I2C, and SPI EEPROMs with the 3EEPROM explorer board (we pronounce it THREE-PROM, emphasis on the EE). EEPROM is a type of memory […]