Workshop Video #36: Beers in Bunnie’s Workshop

Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang is a noted open source hardware designer, XBOX hacker, and architect behind the Chumby. He welcomed us into his personal workshop while we were in Singapore for a tour and a few cold Tiger Beers. First there’s a tour of Bunnie’s workshop that includes highlights like the pile of SMD part reels, […]

Workshop Video #35: Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2012 report

Singapore’s Mini Maker Faire had a bunch of unforgettable projects. Check out improvised instruments, PC-controlled toys, a Twitter controlled blimp, the banana piano, a DIY Aquaponics system, and a sling shot controlled Angry Birds clone. The Director of the Science Center Singapore shared his motivations for holding a Maker Faire. We also talked to Robot […]

Hackerspace Singapore visit

Hackerspace Singapore posted some pictures from our visit, taken during our Global Geek Tour. Be sure to check out our full video report from Singapore on electronics shops, the hackerspace, local food, and more. Thanks to everyone at Hackerspace Singapore for hosting us. Every hackerspace is unique, and it is always exciting to get to know […]

GLOBAL GEEK #34: Singapore markets and hackerspace

Visit the major electronics shops in Singapore, and get a guided tour of the Singapore hackerspace. This weekend we were in Singapore for the Maker Faire, so we took a day to do a geek tour. This kicks off the second season of our Global Geek Tours. We’re super excited about this episode. Kelvin arranged […]

Workshop Update for August 9th, 2012

Today we spent a lot of our time editing the video we filmed on our Singapore Global Geek Tour. Bus Pirate Demo Board v5 SPI and I2C protocols are complete. All 4 devices (EEPROM, ADC, DAC, and PWM generator) are functional on both protocols. Today we started work on the UART interface, which will feature […]

Workshop Update for August 8th, 2012

Today we are flying back to the workshop from our Singapore Global Geek Tour. Expect a full report soon. We successfully added an SPI EEPROM emulator to our Bus Pirate Demo Board v5 firmware. We also had time to finish the SPI PWM generator, and the SPI DAC emulator. We added the 74×573 octal latch […]

Workshop Update for August 6th, 2012

Today we continued our Global Geek Tour of Singapore with Kobe electronics shops. Check out our prize in the picture above. We modeled, and rendered the Sick of Beige v2 case for today’s 3D model post. The Bus Pirate Demo Board v5 firmware continues to move along, with PWM generator implementation now nearly completed.

Global Geek Tour Singapore: Koba Electronics shop

Today we made one last trip back to Koba Electronics in Singapore’s China town to pick up some gifts and goodies. Here’s the latest pictures from our Twitter feed. They couldn’t fit anything else in this shop if they tried. Very extensive selection of parts, especially connectors. If all goes well, we’ll have our Geek […]

Global Geek Tour Singapore: Updates from Singapore

Today was our first day the Singapore Global Geek Tour. We visited some electronics shops, and had some chow. We’ll make a full report when we get back, but in the meantime we posted some pics from today on our Tweeter feed. First stop was the Koba electronics shop pictured above. Rest of the pics […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #32: Zoom H1 v2 sound test and Singapore Maker Faire

We got tired of using integrated cam mics for our videos so we bought a Zoom H1 v2 recorder ahead of our Singapore Maker Faire visit. This quick workshop video tests our new sound setup. In our previous Global Geek Tour videos we had to shout for anything to be heard by the integrated camera […]

Workshop Update for July 23rd, 2012

Tickets are booked for the Singapore Maker Faire August 4 and 5. Ian will give a presentation at the Singapore Hackerspace on Friday around 5:30 before the regular pizza and beer night. We’ll have videos of Singapore’s electronics shops, the Hackerspace, Maker Faire, and more. Bus Blaster v3 and v4 prototype boards arrived and will […]