Bus Pirate v4 first complete package release v6-a1

The first complete release package for Bus Pirate v4 is now available in the forum. This includes a working bootloader and firmware based on the new open source USB stack, utilities, and complete source code. If you have the v4 hardware, any testing is greatly appreciated. There are still a ton of bugs to fix, […]

#twatch Twitter trends watcher firmware update v0e

The #twatch is a network LCD backpack that shows the latest popular topics on Twitter. It was the first project at Dangerous Prototypes, over a year and a half ago. Late last week Twitter removed the feeds the #twatch used to pull the latest trends and it stopped working. Thanks to Presence and everyone else […]

JTAG XSVF player for the Bus Pirate

A new alternative firmware for the Bus Pirate programs JTAG devices like the CPLD development boards using standard (X)SVF programming files.  We also whipped up a PC utility that sends the files to the Bus Pirate from the command prompt. Download the package here. SVF is a common programming format used in manufacturing. It’s a […]

MSP430 LaunchPad Firmware Update 2.0 Released.

TI has released MSP430 LaunchPad firmware update 2.0. TI’s download is a GUI-based utility to update the emulator firmware of the MSP430 Value Line LaunchPad kit (MSP-EXP430G2). With this update, TI says your LaunchPad will be able to support all new and future MSP430G2xx Value Line devices. NOTE: Before you consider updating, read the caveats […]

Arduino-Lite: lightweight AVR library

The RoboPeak Project has developed a lightweight AVR library known as Arduino-Lite. The code is a lightweight high-performance firmware library for AVR MCUs developed based on the original Arduino project. In addition to the usual Atmega8, 168, 328 and 1280, it also supports the Attiny2313, Attiny26, Atmega48 and Atmega88. Its developers claim that compared to […]

Bus Pirate extended logic analyzer firmware

flubberlab made an alternate firmware for the Bus Pirate with extended support for the SUMP logic analyzer protocol. This firmware works with the latest Jawi client and has lots of features: Sample clock source (32 MHz CPU clock): Internal, 5.9 Hz to 108.8 kHz, jitter = -0/+250 ns External (via AUX pin), rising or falling, […]

Logic Sniffer: Updated VHDL code and continous sampling mode

While we all followed dogsbody’s work on the new Verilog Demon Core for the Logic Sniffer, kinsa cleaned up the old VHDL core: New SPI code, works with the latest PIC firmware (v3.0) Working Metadata command New RLE code; n bit counters for n bit data width (except for 24 bits). Additional compression for cases […]

USB Infrared Toy firmware v11

USB Infrared Toy firmware v11 is now available for download. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and helped troubleshoot Major updates: Fixed IR Sample mode transmit frequency adjustment Fixed version detect problem with IR Toy v2 Minor bug fixes and cleanup Includes Windows update utility and .inf driver file. Get the USB IR Toy for […]

Logic Sniffer: Demon Core v3.07 and firmware updates

Dogsbody released Demon Core v3.07 for the Logic Sniffer with the following fixes: Fixes problem with demux DDR captures causing bogus glitches Fixes missed samples when armed. Ensures the finish-now command works cleanly Minor tweaks to the adv-trigger. A full spec Note: Please be sure to use Jawi’s 0.9.3 release (or newer)! We released an […]

Logic Sniffer important bug fix firmware v2.5

There is a new firmware v2.5 for the Logic Sniffer with an important bug fix. Please upgrade your Logic Sniffer right away. We noticed a bug in the OLS firmware where the PIC and FPGA could both try to control the ROM CS pin at the same time during the self-test. Firmware v2.5+ fixes this […]

27C3: Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools and Techniques

Nathan Fain and Vadik presented at the 27C3 Chaos Communications Congress held recently in Berlin, Germany, on a topic of interest to us all: JTAG/Serial/FLASH/PCB Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools and Techniques. Check out their webpage for full documentation and analysis.

Making of the Defcon 18 badge

Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio presents the backstory to his design of the Defcon 18 conference badge. (Joe’s talk actually begins at 09:05.) The badge is based around a Freescale MC56F8006 16-bit digital signal controller and a Kent Displays 128-by-32 pixel reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display (ChLCD). Other functionality includes USB connectivity, seamless power […]

V-USB: virtual USB port for Avr microcontrollers

V-USB is a software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel’s AVR® microcontrollers, making it possible to build USB hardware with almost any AVR® microcontroller, not requiring any additional chip. V-USB can be licensed freely under the GNU General Public License or alternatively under a commercial license. An example of the hardware needed to […]

Bus Pirate firmware v5.10

Bus Pirate firmware v5.10 is ready to download. This version reintroduces AVRDude compatibility, and adds features for faster AVRDude programming. There’s also some minor code changes for MPLAB X compatibility. The Bus Pirate documentation has been updated to reflect these changes. Removed space after prompt for AVRDude compatibility Added SPI write/read function (no CS) for […]

Bus Pirate firmware v5.9

Bus Pirate firmware v5.9 is ready to download. It’s been a while since the last release, this time we have some exciting new features and bug fixes. The Bus Pirate documentation has been updated to reflect these changes. This version includes awesome new terminal features. Up/down arrows scroll through the history, and left/right/delete/insert are supported […]

USB Infrared Toy firmware v09

USB Infrared Toy firmware v09 is ready to download. New bitbang and UART commands make it easy to manipulate I/O pins and send serial data in response to infrared input. There’s some other user-requested commands rolled into the infrared sampling mode too. Transmit duty cycle adjustment in IR sample mode Added bitbang commands to IR […]

USB Infrared Toy firmware v08

USB Infrared Toy firmware v08 is ready to download. This download includes the latest firmware for the IR Toy, and an experimental compile for the Hack a Day infrared receiver. USB->serial converter mode using the UART header pins Intruder detection mode (currently undocumented) Code cleanup Experimental compile for the Hack a Day PIC18F2455 IR receiver […]