Using #Twatch as ICelsius wireless bbq thermometer monitor

Daniel use the #twatch as a monitor for his ICelsius wireless thermometer: Finally I found a purpose for my twatch. I use it as a monitor for my iclesius wireless thermometer. So I wrote a quick and dirty python script which works as a relay between the icelsius and the twatch. The icelsius periodically broadcast the […]

#Twatch clock grabs time from network

David turned the Twitter streaming #Twatch into clock that pull time from a SNTP network server. The coding is done, and it’s available for download. David also included documentation in the download package, as well as on his blog. The zip file has complete source, firmware, and a PowerShell module for using the LCD emulation. […]

#Twatch turned into a SNTP clock

David modified his #Twatch firmware to display time collected from a custom GPS-NTP  server. He provided full documentation for his modifications, as well as the source code. While the #twatch is not the ideal display I envisioned, it was an excellent first try on my part. I had to make some simplifications due to the lack […]

#twatch firmware v0f available for download

#twatch firmware v0f is now available for download. It updates the twatch to use new Twitter feeds and formats. The Twitter streaming #twatch stopped working because Twitter disabled the feed we used to grab the current trending topics. The new feed needs a Yahoo! Where On Earth region ID in the url. We wanted worldwide […]

#twatch Twitter trends watcher firmware update v0e

The #twatch is a network LCD backpack that shows the latest popular topics on Twitter. It was the first project at Dangerous Prototypes, over a year and a half ago. Late last week Twitter removed the feeds the #twatch used to pull the latest trends and it stopped working. Thanks to Presence and everyone else […]

#twatch, USB Infrared Toy now CC-BY-SA

To mark the one-year anniversary of Dangerous Prototypes, and timed suspiciously close to the Open Hardware Summit, we’re releasing the #twatch and USB Infrared Toy under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. These designs were formally restricted to non-commercial use, now they’re available for any use, including commercial derivatives.  All our* projects and content […]

#twatch: Winamp plugin update

Yves released an updated Winamp plugin that controls the #twatch ethernet LCD screen: Changes include : custom char to display current playing status, new look for the progress bar, improved error condition handling (still not bullet proof but getting there), and my part for the environment, the backlight is now turned off when the playing […]

Xymon server and network stats on the #twatch

Xymon, previously “Hobbit”,  monitors server and network up-time, provides real-time monitoring, availability reports, downtime alerts, etc. noxin submitted a Perl script that displays Xymon data and alerts on the #twatch networked LCD screen. You can browse all the #twatch scripts in the project SVN. The #twatch is currently in stock at Seeed Studio: $30 for […]