USB IR Toy firmware v20 test #6

Posted on Friday, August 19th, 2011 in firmware, Infrared toy by Ian


Grab IR Toy firmware v20 test #6 from the forum.

Yesterday we released a test firmware for the USB IR Toy that uses the new open source USB stack written by JTR and Honken. It had a few serious bugs in the SUMP-compatible logic analyzer mode. JTR made some updates and now it works great.

The updated logic analyzer mode still shows what remote control signals look like on the Logic Sniffer client, but there’s a bunch of new features too:

  • More samples: samples increased to 4096 from 1024
  • All channels captured, including raw IR signal (v2 only)

Be sure to copy ols.profile-irtoy.cfg to the /plugins/ directory of the client to take advantage of these new features.  After the update the demodulated signal will be on channels 2 and 4, the raw signal (v2 only) will be on channel 1.

You can get IR Toy v2 for $22.05, including world wide shipping.

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