Logic Sniffer: Updated VHDL code and continous sampling mode

Posted on Monday, February 28th, 2011 in firmware, logic analyzer by Ian

While we all followed dogsbody’s work on the new Verilog Demon Core for the Logic Sniffer, kinsa cleaned up the old VHDL core:
  • New SPI code, works with the latest PIC firmware (v3.0)
  • Working Metadata command
  • New RLE code; n bit counters for n bit data width (except for 24 bits). Additional compression for cases with zero run lengths. RLE stop command is also implemented
  • Fixed the spurious triggers due to floating external trigger pin
  • Resolved timing issues
kinsa also wrote a new continous sampling mode bitstream that captures continuously at a blazing 10KHz:

On my netbook with version 3.0 of the PIC firmware, the system can only achieve a maximum sample rate of 10kHz for 8 bit samples. Currently, the bottleneck is the PIC USB transfer rate.

Included is a test SUMP client to demonstrate this new capability. Select Test Mode and memory depth of 256K. Test mode outputs the contents of a 32 bit counter incremented by the sample rate clock.

Note that triggering is ignored and RLE is not supported.

Amazing work, and all thanks to open source.
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