A hack for Hacks using AnalysIR & USB IR Toy

The crew from AnalysIR  writes: One of our users from Italy, Guido, was tasked with upgrading an old in-house WRC system to allow the team of Sport’s Journalists to access the rack of satellite receivers relaying the various sports events around the building.  The challenge is that all of the STB (Set Top Boxes) are […]

Free PCB build: USB IR TOY v3 + updated irWidget firmware

mikelelere writes: I’ve finally put some time and acquired most of the required parts to assemble the USB IR Toy v3 free PCB I received a few weeks ago. I’ve been lately interested in making a “backup” of several remotes I’ve at home, and the USB IR toy with the IRWidget firmware seems like the perfect candidate […]

Infrared Receivers – signal lag and distortion

The crew from AnalysIR writes: Many electronics enthusiasts will be familiar with how Infrared receivers demodulate IR signals. In this post we show a visualisation of the time lag and distortion of the signals as they pass through the IR receiver for demodulation and noise filtering. Most DIY projects use the raw timings from the […]

Constant current circuit for IR LEDs

The crew from AnalysIR reports they have written up an article on constant current circuit for Infrared LEDs – similar to that in the USB IR Toy. They compare the various methods of driving IR LEDs, including a series resistor and a circuit driven by an NPN transistor, and how to design your circuit for […]

Diolan firmware update tool for PIC18F2550 used in USB IR Toy

Dobrica writes,  “I’m in the process of setting up my HTPC, so I ordered USB IR Toy to be able to turn TV on without using remote control.” Result it fw_update for PIC 18F2550 which IR Toy uses , updated wiki page about IR Toy firmware update on Linux and comment on bug tracker. Hopefully, this will […]

Controlling a heat pump with Raspberry Pi and USB IR Toy

Here’s a video from Chris LeBlanc  showing how to control a heat pump using a Raspberry Pi and USB Infrared Toy: A quick demo showing how to control a heat pump (or any IR device) using a Raspberry Pi, an IR Toy* from Dangerous Prototypes, a Google Calendar, and a bit of Python code. I’ve […]

Nikon DSLR IR remote using an MSP430

IPushKarov posted his DIY Nikon DSLR IR remote with MSP430: Three years back in time, I bought Nikon D3000 DSLR. I started shooting, but the moment I needed remote, came one day (more over night), during on night photography session. I checked all local suppliers, but the prices were high. I ordered one from China. The […]