USB Infrared Toy firmware v09

USB Infrared Toy firmware v09 is ready to download. New bitbang and UART commands make it easy to manipulate I/O pins and send serial data in response to infrared input. There’s some other user-requested commands rolled into the infrared sampling mode too.

  • Transmit duty cycle adjustment in IR sample mode
  • Added bitbang commands to IR sample mode
  • Added serial UART write to IR sample mode
  • Liyin ‘no 0xffff’ option

Protocol and command documentation has been updated with any recent changes.

This download includes the latest firmware for the IR Toy, and an experimental compile for PIC18F2455-based receivers. Upgrade instructions for the Infrared Toy.

The USB IR Toy is $20, including worldwide shipping. Every sale supports this open source project.

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