#Twatch clock grabs time from network

David turned the Twitter streaming #Twatch into clock that pull time from a SNTP network server. The coding is done, and it’s available for download. David also included documentation in the download package, as well as on his blog. The zip file has complete source, firmware, and a PowerShell module for using the LCD emulation. […]

#Twatch turned into a SNTP clock

David modified his #Twatch firmware to display time collected from a custom GPS-NTP  server. He provided full documentation for his modifications, as well as the source code. While the #twatch is not the ideal display I envisioned, it was an excellent first try on my part. I had to make some simplifications due to the lack […]

#twatch firmware v0f available for download

#twatch firmware v0f is now available for download. It updates the twatch to use new Twitter feeds and formats. The Twitter streaming #twatch stopped working because Twitter disabled the feed we used to grab the current trending topics. The new feed needs a Yahoo! Where On Earth region ID in the url. We wanted worldwide […]

Week in (p)review: June 17, 2011

This week was lost to server setup and site migration. Thanks for hanging in there. We’re back now, pushing to Twitter and Facebook too. Look out for new features and updates. A new mobile forum interface makes it easier to read and post. Many have noticed a substantial speedup with the new server too. Lots […]

Maker Faire 2011: Hands-on DIY festival

The internet situation pre-Maker Faire Bay Area has been pretty bad. Worse than bad. Today we’re in the conference hotel though, and there’s wired and wireless internet aplenty. If you’re going to Maker Faire please stop by the Seeed Studio booth and say hi, we’re right next to the central Maker stage in the main […]

#twatch Twitter trends watcher firmware update v0e

The #twatch is a network LCD backpack that shows the latest popular topics on Twitter. It was the first project at Dangerous Prototypes, over a year and a half ago. Late last week Twitter removed the feeds the #twatch used to pull the latest trends and it stopped working. Thanks to Presence and everyone else […]

Watterott Electronic has the Web Platform

Watterott Electronic now stocks the Web Platform, Bus Pirate LCD Adapter v2, #Twatch and the Bus Pirate in Germany. Thanks for supporting our projects. If you’d like to be distributor please drop us a line. Hacker Spaces get distributor pricing too.

Week in (p)review: September 26, 2010

Here’s some highlights from the past two weeks, in case you missed them: The Bus Pirate LCD adapter v2 design was published, the hardware is available for immediate delivery A new USB Infrared Toy 101 quick-start tutorial A tutorial on using SubVersionN (SVN) to grab our latest code The Bus Blaster and mini-blaster PCBs arrived […]

Network LCD (#twatch) availablility update

**UPDATE*** Seeed is listing the #twatch again. They located additional PIC chips. The #twatch preorder has an estimated October 10 ship date. #twatch production is limited by the number of PIC 18F67J60 ethernet microcontrollers Seeed can find for immediate delivery. Here’s some of the options at this point: Seeed locates more PIC18F67J60s, they add more […]

Prototype: Network LCD backpack

The most recent documentation is now on the wiki. Character LCD screens that scroll information are a popular case mod. They’re usually controlled through a parallel port, serial port backpack, or USB backpack (more). This article demonstrates our open source ethernet network LCD backpack. LCD control programs like LCD Smartie (Windows) and LCDproc (Linux, OSX?) […]

Confessions of a prototyper: #twatch v1/v1b

Last week we released the #twatch v2, an ethernet backpack for 20×4 character LCDs. This wasn’t the only version of the #twatch that we designed. V2 is based on the slick, inexpensive, single-chip ethernet microcontroller, the PIC 18F67J60. The biggest downside to the 18f67J60 is that it can only be programmed an average of 100 […]

Prototype: Twitter Watcher, the #twatch

The most recent documentation is now on the wiki. The #twatch scrolls the latest trending topics from Twitter on an LCD screen. It’s a stand-alone network appliance that stays updated without a PC. It was awesome to watch #iranelection, Michael Jackson, and other historic events scroll by while we developed the #twatch. This article documents […]