Bus Pirate v4 talks I2C to TI Fuel Gauge, Papilio Pro as logic analyzer

‏ A video on using Bus Pirate v4 to talk to a TI bq27510 Fuel Gauge by pitface123: The Fuel Gauge is mounted on the Fuel Tank Booster Pack. A Papilio Pro that is programmed as Logic Sniffer is used as the Logic Analyzer and protocol analyzer. Nifty prototyping platform. JaWi’s OpenLogic Sniffer as Logic Analyzer […]

2.4 megasamples per second continuous AVR logic capture

From the comments on our earlier Turning the Freedom board into a Logic Analyzer post, Ralph Doncaster writes: For situations where the samples will fit in RAM, this is good. For long sampling periods I used a USBasp and a PL-2303HX to make a logic analyzer that can sample 2 lines at 2.4 msps or 8 […]

Turning the Freedom board into a Logic Analyzer

Erich Styger of MCUonEclipse writes: I think the most important tool for a firmware engineer is a Logic Analyzer. I always have one on my desk. Working in different locations, sometimes I forget to carry it with me. And for sure I would need it. To buy another one to compensate my laziness? Or maybe […]

PC storage oscilloscope and logic analyzer

From the comments on our earlier USB oscilloscope with signal generator post, here’s a PC storage oscilloscope and logic analyzer by Nerd Ralph: A logic analyzer is a useful tool when working with micro-controllers, but when compared to the price of Arduino compatible boards, they are expensive. While the ability to decode different protocols is a […]

Modularized homebrew spectrum analyzer

Mathias Weyland writes, I’m building a homebrew spectrum analyzer (based on an existing project) and while doing so, I used the Open Bench Logic Sniffer to test my logic board. I have documented my attempts here; the Logic Analyzer part starts around minute 21. The video makes most sense in conjunction with the second video, […]

Building a CPLD based logic analyzer

Alex from InsideGadgets has been working on a Building a CPLD Based Logic Analyser. In Part I of his post he details his build of a logic analyzer which saves the sample to external SRAM. For this project Alex used the Altera MAXII EPM240 development board with an on board 20MHz oscillator. The coding was […]

Simple 50+ kHz logic analysis with ATtiny2313 and FTDI friend

Joonas Pihlajamaa over at Code and Life  writes: While banging my head against the wall with debugging my PS/2 keyboard thingy, I really wished I had a dedicated logic analyzer (preferably with PS/2 decoder, but even raw binary data would’ve been fine). So I decided to try out a long hatched idea – combine an […]

Logic Analyzer costs little, performs well

Adam Carlson over at Microcontroller Central wrote a short review of the OpenBench Logic Sniffer: The OLS, the lowest-cost option, is both open-source hardware and open-source software. This is the product of a cooperative effort between Dangerous Prototypes and the Gadget Factory. To me, being open-source is not necessarily a plus. While it is great […]

Bus Pirate and Open Bench Logic Sniffer: Reverse engineering an RF light switch

Skywodd tweetted about reverse engineering an RF 433MHz light switch (machine translation) using Arduino, Bus Pirate, and the Open Logic Sniffer. You can get Bus Pirate for $30, or grab a Logic Sniffer for $50. All including free worldwide shipping. Via TweetDeck.

Logic Sniffer client 0.96 beta 3 is released

Jawi made excellent strides with the cross-platform client for the Logic Sniffer. Last week v0.96 beta 3 was released. The latest release features an improved UI, as well as dual/quad mode SPI decoding. Most of the UI repainting bugs should be squatted by now (at least the most annoying ones ;)), and some small improvements […]