#twatch Twitter trends watcher firmware update v0e

Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 in #twatch, firmware by Ian

The #twatch is a network LCD backpack that shows the latest popular topics on Twitter. It was the first project at Dangerous Prototypes, over a year and a half ago.

Late last week Twitter removed the feeds the #twatch used to pull the latest trends and it stopped working. Thanks to Presence and everyone else who sent a bug report.

#twatch firmware v0e is now available for download. It includes a fix for the new feed URLs.

  • Updated to current feed URLs
  • Backlight enabled by default
  • Based on v0b code branch
  • Full source package

Network update instructions are in the manual.

Get a Twatch with LCD for $45, including worldwide shipping.

Full bug report details below the fold.

From Presence:

Twitter moved the URL of the the current trends JSON blob.

Twatch is looking at the URL:

However, now, the URL is:

This is according to Twitter’s API documentation.

The fixed turned out to be a simple URL change.

//April 2011 Twitter changed the feed location to
 static BYTE ServerName[] =    ""; //twitter address
 static WORD ServerPort = 80; //http server port number
 static ROM BYTE TrendURL[] = "/1/trends/current.json"; //trending topics JSON datafeed URL
 static ROM BYTE SearchURL[] = "/1/search.json?rpp=2&q="; //tweet search JSON datafeed URL

We changed  the URL and feed locations in twatchv1.c and recompiled. The new firmware was exported for the bootloader.

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6 Responses to “#twatch Twitter trends watcher firmware update v0e”

  1. Tebor says:

    Thanks for the update, this is very much appreciated :)

  2. Presence says:

    Thanks for the update to the #twatch! The #twatch is my bedside nightstand companion, always keeping me up to date with the most up-to-date data before falling asleep and after waking up:

    The #twatch is fed from a PHP script running inside an ancient netbsd “NAS” toy buried in a bedroom closet. The twatch displays the current time, weather, server loads from several boxes, and my character’s status from the web game “UrbanDead”.

    So if I notice I’m being nommed on by a zombie when I wake up in the morning, I can jump to my character’s rescue. Very important business that #twatch delivers oh-so-nicely.

  3. rsdio says:

    Now all you need is a video update for the #twatch that uses an attached LCD to play the latest URLs. I’d call it #twitv … you could watch for days like any respectable couch potato.

  4. Scorpia says:

    Looks like its time to pull out my V1 twatch and see if i can get it going finally.
    Does this firmware still have the V1 hardware code in it?

    • Ian says:

      I believe so yes, but it uses an old version of the Microchip TCPIP stack that I have archived for use with this project.

      • Scorpia says:

        found a copy of the v5 stack. ill give it a go soon and hopefully post it up working

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