Global Geek Shenzhen: USB microscope

We all bought one of these USB microscope at the SEG Market. We were immediately fond of the heavy base and the smooth adjustment of the camera. We bargained a bit and bought it for 260 RMB ($40), that’s half the cost of the same thing on eBay from another China seller. Some example shots […]

Global Geek Shenzhen: SEG Market mega post

SEG market is the best known electronic part market in Hua Qiang Bei neighborhood. It’s two giant floors of component and tool stands. The upper floors are full of computer parts and consumer electronics, also very cool, but we’re here for the electronics. This is an overview of the second floor of SEG Market. It’s […]

VIDEO #18: Hua Qiang Bei market in Shenzhen, China

Dangerous Prototypes tours the biggest electronics market of all, the Hua Qiang Bei market in Shenzhen, China. This is the third and biggest market on our Global Geek Tour. Be sure to check out Akihabara in Tokyo and Cheonggyecheon in Seoul too. First we went to the SEG building, which has 2 huge floors dedicated […]

Seeed Studio open hardware manufacturing tour

A highlight of our Global Geek Tour to Shenzhen, China was a tour of the Seeed Studio offices and factory. This is where Seeed Studio makes open source hardware, all our open projects pass through here. Seeed has modern, clean offices with a mix of Chinese and international people hanging around. It looks pretty much […]

VIDEO #17: Seeed Studio open source hardware manufacturing tour in Shenzhen, China 2012

We toured the offices and factory where Seeed Studio makes open source hardware in Shenzhen, China. All our open source projects are manufactured and shipped from here. Be sure to check out our visit to the Shenhzen Maker Faire, as well as our Global Geek Tour wiki.

VIDEO #15: Apliu Street electronics market tour

Dangerous Prototypes drops by the Apliu Street electronics market in Hong Kong on the way to Shenzhen, China. It’s a smaller market, but a great warmup for Hua Qiang Bei. Check out pictures, and descriptions in our posts. You can also grab a Google Maps layer for all the locations we visited.

GIVEAVAY: 2 Hakko tips and 1 heavy-duty solder paste

Lets take a break from the geek tour and give away two more Hakko 900M-T-3C soldering iron tips, and one can of heavy duty solder paste. This paste is too acidic and corrosive for PCB use. It’s intended for heavy duty soldering, like joining or repairing copper pipes. We’ll give these away to 3 random […]

Apliu Street: Electronics Shops

Apliu Street has two major electronics component shops. Both carry way more stuff than our local electronics store, and the prices are a lot closer to eBay or Mouser than anything we’ve seen in the past. These drawers contain a ton of parts, just grab what you need and pay on the way out. We […]

GIVEAWAY: 2 Hakko 900M-T-3C bevel tips

We’re giving away two Hakko 900M-T-3C bevel tips that we picked up from the Pak Lik store at Apliu Street, Hong Kong. These tips are great for drag soldering, although not as good as the elusive 3CM mini-wave tips. Leave a comment below, and we’ll pick two random winners tomorrow.

GLOBAL GEEK TOUR: Apliu Street electronics market in Hong Kong

Apliu Street is a two block stretch of market stands, gadget shops, and electronic part stores in the Sham Shui Po neighborhood of Hong Kong. With only two major parts stores it doesn’t really compare to the other markets on the Global Geek Tour, but it was a great place to geek out on the […]

Global Geek Tour China starts now

All this week we’re posting reports from our Global Geek Tour to China. We brought lots of stuff back to give away, so be on the look out for freebies along the way. Each day will have a video, pictures, and giveaways. Monday: Apliu Street electronics market in Hong Kong Tuesday: Shenzhen Maker Faire, China’s […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #14: Global Geek Tour China preview

We toured the prime geek locations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China on our penultimate Global Geek Tour. Monday thru Friday of next week we’ll have videos, pictures, and giveaways. Here’s a quick preview. Don’t miss a single day or giveaway next week.