Global Geek Shenzhen: LED trading market

Every market we’ve visited on the Global Geek Tour has a preponderance of LEDs. Hua Qiang Bei takes it a step further with a six floor building dedicated to LEDs and accessories. It’s unbelievable.

Resistors and LEDs by the meter.

Stands with piles of wire are common, they sell connectors and make custom cables. This is the actual stand were Seeed Studio sources the Bus Pirate probe cable.

We can’t get over the great selection of mechanical stuff like buttons and switches. Amazing.

This stand can make customized buttons like you see in the bottom row of the display. For a $30 setup fee and minimum order of 10 buttons @ $2.50 you can have your very own custom button in a week. We’d like to have some made with the Dangerous Prototypes logo.

All the Chinese eBay stores need padded mailers, and this stand in the LED trading center specializes in them. Most have preprinted customs forms. Some had gift already checked, many had “Electronics” “$10” and gift already filled out. A huge time saver for sure.

Seriously, 6 floors of this. It just goes on and on. You only need to hit the first two floors to get a good feel for it though.

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  1. Awesome! This is a perfect example of what America lost when it sent manufacturing jobs overseas. How many engineers started by scouring surplus stores for parts?

  2. This is the cost of exceptionalism. When employers don’t want to follow safety standards in the U.S. that cost money or if they don’t want to follow the laws to protect the environment, they take the jobs overseas. The problem is that America stops being exceptional but rather a high cost place to live.

  3. Custom buttons for $30 and minimun order of 10 is awesome., were I live you would have to pay hundreds fot setup and min order in the thousands

  4. You absolutely need to get Dangerous Prototypes buttons made. THAT would be an awesome giveaway! (: you should sell them as well, though :)

  5. wow!!!…what was the cheapest roll of smt led’s you saw??….I fear if I went they would not let me leave, but on the other hand, I might be so busy picking and designing, I might not even notice!! Bronson is right, as well, I take stuff to hamfests, but, like a lot of us, always have a keen lookout for the parts lists on our drawing tables!!….The regs and enviros are but a small part of the problem, ones that are excuses not reasons, common sense should have prevailed here in usa…sad that we gotta bottom out to get back up, robotics is the next big consumer wave, either we (americans) keep whinning and do nothing, or we get back up and lead, once again. I already know china is pushing ahead in robotics, we are pushing ahead in falling behind…..”hey, any of you booth tenders there wanna sell a roll of leds for a fiver?” “ok, seven fifty…..

  6. If I was young again, I would get a job teaching others to speak English just so I could live next to the electronic markets and make stuff!

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