GIVEAWAY: 2 Hakko 900M-T-3C bevel tips

We’re giving away two Hakko 900M-T-3C bevel tips that we picked up from the Pak Lik store at Apliu Street, Hong Kong. These tips are great for drag soldering, although not as good as the elusive 3CM mini-wave tips.

Leave a comment below, and we’ll pick two random winners tomorrow.

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  1. Me please! It would be an inspiration to get a decent soldering iron finally instead of the one I have currently that could be used to reshoe a horse :)

  2. I’d love a tip, presuming they’re compatible with my Hakko FX-888. Otherwise, better to pick someone else.

  3. 1:63 chance right now! I gotta Radio Shack iron that takes Hakko tips, not a clone of the Hakkos, has a nice digital display. I picked it up for $36 on sale IIRC, maybe it was $50, but it works nicely next to my TC201 Weller (shout out to the weller crowd!) ;)

  4. My Cats of Engineering would love one of these, if it fits our DP-approved Aoyue (otherwise if I win give it to someone else…!). Come to Papa!

  5. I’d love to win a Hakko 900 tip. My wife just got ma a Hakko or Valentine’s Day and a spare tip would be handy.

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