Seeed Studio open hardware manufacturing tour

Posted on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 in Global Geek, manufacturing by Ian

A highlight of our Global Geek Tour to Shenzhen, China was a tour of the Seeed Studio offices and factory. This is where Seeed Studio makes open source hardware, all our open projects pass through here.

Seeed has modern, clean offices with a mix of Chinese and international people hanging around. It looks pretty much like the pictures of SparkFun’s office, and lots of local university graduates jump at the chance to work with Seeed. When we toured they were hosting a bunch of engineers from the Haxlr8r hardware start-up program too.

Liao shows us around the central open work area.

The side offices have engineering, product development, graphic design, etc.

Seeed has a big pick and place machine, but it’s reserved for small batches of 100, and things that must be done quickly. Everything else is sent out to the specialists in Shenzhen.

A bunch of Logic Sniffers. Through-hole headers are being installed.

Miscellaneous surface mount and through hole components are added by hand. The boards are also cleaned.

Whenever possible an automated test process is used to verify each board. There’s a similar setup for the Bus Pirate, Bus Blaster, and Logic Sniffer.

Eric Pan shows us the box of boards that can’t be debugged. These will become part of the front office display eventually. That’s a sad, dead Logic Sniffer.

Completed boards and component deliveries, waiting for intake and packaging.

Finished and tested boards are packed into boxes.

Tested projects, ready to fill orders. You can spot the XC2C64A development board, USB Infrared Toy, Bus Pirate accessories, and more Dangerous Prototypes.

Shipping packs orders into boxes.

A Dangerous Prototypes t-shirt hanging in the Seeed Studio office.

The Seeed Studio chill room with table and video games. The coffee maker is geared to take your picture and post it on Seeed’s wiebo (China’s version of Twitter).

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7 Responses to “Seeed Studio open hardware manufacturing tour”

  1. riccardo says:

    how they clean the boards?

  2. GinPB says:

    Can I have one of the broken boards?.

    • Sjaak says:

      That would be a cool idea.

      Only Eric told only the board they couldn’t repair would end up in that ‘trashcan’ But cool to make an artwork out of it.

      • Philip says:

        Yeah ide like to have some of those boards too! Its also fun debug stuff and make them work :)

        this could be a nice waste disposal option too…gimme the dead boards and ill be Dr. Frankenstein!

  3. I love this post. How exciting to see your designs in production, even the dead ones. Keep up the tour and the great work.

  4. oliver says:

    I’m suprised that working conditions are so good! Even fume suction when soldering! I don’t even have that here :p

  5. Anil Kumar J says:

    I”m very glad to see the manufacturing shop-floor.

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