DirtyPCBs.com China export brokerage pay your vendors get your stuffs

  Exporting small low value orders from China is a challenge to do cost effectively, however proper export of bulk stuff is comparatively simple. After hearing what hardware people are going through to get stuff from China we had to offer a better way. A Dirty Way. Having trouble paying a Chinese supplier? Did things start off […]

HOW TO: Chinese Driver’s License

China has huge factories, but there’s also thousands of tiny factories hidden away on back streets and in garages. During production of The Expressway we had a lot of down time waiting for molds to heat so we explored the neighborhood. On one tiny road there was a compression molding factory, several gauze factories, several […]

HOW TO: China import/export permit and company bank

Last week we described the painful process of opening a Chinese company. That was actually the fast and easy part. There’s still a pile of paperwork and months of waiting ahead. This week we look at the proper, and improper, ways to export from China. A Chinese import export permit is permission to exchange foreign […]

HOW TO: Start a Chinese Company

While Shenzhen is becoming “Hollywood for Makers”, and not always in a good way, there don’t seem to be a lot of foreign open hardware/maker/start-up/accelerated/innovated/incubated people starting Chinese companies. As far as we know, we are the first foreign owned open hardware centric Chinese company in Shenzhen. With everything going on here, we definitely wont […]

Dirt Cheap Dirty Reels: cheap component reels from China

Component reels shouldn’t be overpriced or difficult to come by. Dirty Reels connects you to cheap Chinese component suppliers in the Huaqiangbei electronics market. Add a reel of resistors to your next DEV shop order for under $4! A dirty reel of 5000 100ohm 5% 0603 resistors from a major Chinese manufacturer like Super Ohm is only $3.97. […]

On the first day of Taobao Christmas

Taobao, the Chinese shopping site that combines eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba, recently got a lot easier for foreigners to use. As Sjaak documented in his Taobao buying adventures a few years ago, most foreigners use an agency that takes payment via Paypal, purchases your babies, and forwards them to you via DHL or airmail. Even […]

The dreamers of Shenzhen’s Maker’s revolution

Another great Shenzhen-Geek tour video from Metalworks:  Maker Faire Shenzhen Trip.   Daylon Soh writes: When the Metalworks team was there in April, we were part of a group of aspiring hardware entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from North America and Europe. Most were looking to bring their hardware product ideas to fruition and were looking for ways to manufacture it […]

Chinese New Year in Shenzhen the world electronics capital

Shenzhen wasn’t a town 30 years ago, it was barely a village. Almost nobody is from Shenzhen, people come here to make money and send it to family in other parts of China. Over the Chinese New Year, that two week period when you can’t order from Seeed Studio, tons of eBay vendors, and all […]

Stuff to do in Shenzhen: Open a bank account

So you’ve got the hang of shopping for stuff on the Chinese auction site Taobao, but you’re sick of dealing with brokers? Open a bank account in China to pay the seller and shipper directly. Bank accounts are easy to open. Take a passport and an initial 100rmb deposit to any branch of any bank […]

Global Geek Tour: Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei market tour roundup

Dangerous Prototypes tours the biggest electronics market of all, the Hua Qiang Bei market in Shenzhen, China. This is the third and biggest market on our Global Geek Tour. Be sure to check out Akihabara in Tokyo and Cheonggyecheon in Seoul too. VIDEO: Hua Qiang Bei market in Shenzhen, China Global Geek Shenzhen: SEG Market […]

Maker Faire Shenzhen China roundup

Check out our posts about China’s first Maker Faire in Shenzhen: VIDEO: Shenzhen Maker Faire Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Setup Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Machines Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Toys Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Robots Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Around the Faire Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Dangerous Prototypes booth Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Dangerous Prototypes […]

Global Geek Tour: Apliu Street electronics market roundup

This week the Global Geek Tour took us to Shenzhen, China. On the way to Shenzhen we had a day in Hong Kong so we scoped out the Apliu Street electronics market. Check out our video and all the picture posts below. VIDEO: Apliu Street electronics market tour GLOBAL GEEK TOUR: Apliu Street electronics market […]

Global Geek Shenzhen: Other stuff in Hua Qiang Bei

Here’s some other cool stuff we found in other buildings in Hua Qiang Bei. The surface mount part reels we’ve been questing on every tour were present in spades. This is one of dozens of shops with inexpensive reels of resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. More pictures below the fold.

Global Geek Shenzhen: Shenzhen Sunlight Electronic Co

Seeed Studio took us to Shenzhen Sunlight Electronic Co., a special supplier they use to avoid counterfeit and unreliable chips. Sunlight Electronic Co pools orders from smaller manufacturers and buys directly from the chip factory to ensure quality. Price breaks start at 100 pieces, but the best breaks are at the reel size, generally 2500. […]

Global Geek Shenzhen: Custom USB flash drives

Shenzhen is well known for locally produced and customized technology. From custom cell phones to personalized push buttons, you can find it in Hua Qiang Bei. Sjaak found a building that consists entirely of USB flash disk sellers. There’s a huge selection of colorful silicone housing. Just pick one and the dealer pops a 4 […]

Global Geek Shenzhen: On the streets of Hua Qiang Bei

There’s activity all around the Hua Qiang Bei market buildings. People and cars tussle for space in the street. Moving carts loaded with electronic components on the way to small manufacturers are everywhere, often in the middle of traffic. Continue below for more sights from around from Hua Qiang Bei.