VIDEO #15: Apliu Street electronics market tour

Dangerous Prototypes drops by the Apliu Street electronics market in Hong Kong on the way to Shenzhen, China. It’s a smaller market, but a great warmup for Hua Qiang Bei. Check out pictures, and descriptions in our posts. You can also grab a Google Maps layer for all the locations we visited.

Apliu Street: Electronics Shops

Apliu Street has two major electronics component shops. Both carry way more stuff than our local electronics store, and the prices are a lot closer to eBay or Mouser than anything we’ve seen in the past. These drawers contain a ton of parts, just grab what you need and pay on the way out. We […]

GLOBAL GEEK TOUR: Apliu Street electronics market in Hong Kong

Apliu Street is a two block stretch of market stands, gadget shops, and electronic part stores in the Sham Shui Po neighborhood of Hong Kong. With only two major parts stores it doesn’t really compare to the other markets on the Global Geek Tour, but it was a great place to geek out on the […]