Apliu Street: Other stuff

We did a lot of fun stuff in Hong Kong that doesn’t fit in any other category. These are our pictures of food, fish, and fun. Here’s a big part of the Dangerous Prototypes crew, from the left: Sjaak, Ian, Lynn, and Vimark.

More food, snacks, gamer t-shirts, and IRC jokes below the fold.

The food in Hong Kong was good, and there was no shortage of street food near the Apliu Street markets. Here’s a nice selection of meat and innards. Great for adventurous eaters like us.

Sjaak, in one of his many gamer t-shirts, enjoys a Hong Kong waffle ‘snack’. See if you can spot all 6 of Sjaak’s gamer Ts over the next week.

Slightly south of Apliu Street on the way to lunch we passed through the Goldfish Market. We stopped along the way to pick up a new slapping trout. Tayken better watch out the next time he’s on IRC!

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  1. Dumplings on a stick, oh and chicken sausages too, NOMNOM. Whats in the waffle, they look like a cross between doughnut holes and tiny sandwich.

  2. Goldfish market! Ide like to go there too! They got a large selection of gold fish/carps and discus fishes – one of the 2 things i like solder + fish! hehehe

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