Apliu Street: Market stands

Apliu Street in Hong Kong is a mini electronic gadget and part market. We stopped by on our way to Shenzhen to check it out. It isn’t as impressive as the other markets on our Global Geek Tour, but it has a few really well stocked parts stores with online prices. We’d love to have a market like this in our own neighborhood.

There were lots of repair stands along the street. Mobile phone broken? No worries, these guys are a pro with a hot air rework station. They replace broken displays and components, and about half use the same Aoyue 852 rework station we have in the workshop.

On of the things we always worry about on these trips is keeping up with email and forum support. This stand has dozens of prepaid data SIMs for 3G mobile phones. we bought SIMs for Hong Kong and mainland China so we can keep an eye on the forum even while we’re away. Seven days of unlimited data in Hong Kong was less than $10, and 500MB in China was included free on a $7 SIM.

Apliu has a ton of hardware and tool stores too. This shop specialized in power tools like drills and saws.

This photo shop has a small light box that we eventually bought at SEG market in Shenzhen for half the Hong Kong price.

Like every market we visit, LED stores are abundant. This stand sells reels of multicolor LEDs and controllers. There were at least a dozen LED stores in the two block stretch of Apliu Street.

This stand specializes in clocks.

This stand specializes in remote controls. Most Apliu Street market stalls specialize in one type of electronic gadget like this, there were only a handful of component shops.

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      1. Was not there any need of application for SIM card, attaching id proof, photo, tax certificate etc?
        Or was it simply anonymous buy, use and throw?

      2. LOL. So you could have called(prank) the U.S embassy and tell them you’ve placed a bomb there. Your phone number is anonymous so you’d not goto jail, provided the network you used didn’t logged your device’s IMEI number.

  1. The clock stand reminds me of a “wish list item”. Anyone ever seen an ~8 inch Analog LCD clock, I really hate ticking clocks =)

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