Apliu Street: Electronics Shops

Apliu Street has two major electronics component shops. Both carry way more stuff than our local electronics store, and the prices are a lot closer to eBay or Mouser than anything we’ve seen in the past.

These drawers contain a ton of parts, just grab what you need and pay on the way out. We picked up a 10W 10Ohm resistor for one of our Maker Faire demo projects.

More Apliu Street electronics shops below the fold.

These are the two main shops, H. K. Wing Shing Electronic Co and Pak Lik Electronics Co. We liked Pak Lik’s selection the best. It’s an authorized HAKKO dealer, and we bought a bunch of soldering iron tips there.

Big capacitors at Pak Lik. $7 Hong Kong dollars is equal to $1 USD, so the 100V 82uF cap is more than $15. Reasonable, but no bargain.

A display shows all the available HAKKO soldering tips. We bought some bevel tips for drag soldering.

Generic soldering iron and hot air stations were everywhere. These look just like our Aoyue soldering station, but have a different brand name.

While the prices weren’t lower than what you find online, we’d love to have a store in our neighborhood with this wide selection of Goot brand solder wick. Goot makes the brush on flux that won our flux-off.

More soldering supplies. This is a metal springy thing used to clean off a soldering iron instead of a wet sponge. Vimark bought the holder and a replacement sponge for 90 HKD, about $13.

New and used test equipment. Pak Lik seemed to have the best selection. Prices were reasonable, but better deals have been had.

A nice range of soldering supplies and PCB-mount connectors. The big bottle of liquid flux at the top could last a lifetime. We picked up some red binding posts for our Maker Faire demo for about $0.20 each.

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  1. Really like that first pictures “Wall of parts”, and sure would hate to have to clean up after an earthquake

  2. I remember the times when small towns in the USA would have shops like this. RCE in our town was a treasure trove for all sorts of components. You’re lucky to find one in a medium city now.

  3. So who is the “typical customer” for this sort of shop, anyway? I’m not used to thinking of China as having a large contingent of Electronics Hobbyists (though presumably they could, and I’d never know, if all the resulting “content” were published in Chinese) or small scale entrepenuers, but these don’t look like they have the sort of volume of parts that I’d associate with mass manufacturing either. On the third hand, it seems like too much and too obscure to be aimed at “tourists”, either.

  4. In 2004-2005 I was working in HK. I spent many hours and made a lot of shopping in Apliu Street.
    There was already a lot of things to buy, but it seems now that it’s really the hobbyist paradise.

    Would like to come again, but I’m retired! :(

  5. Thanks very much for this post. I live in Hong Kong and hadn’t discovered these yet, although I did know another store selling components, WECL, was across the street. As the street is actually a very crowded market it’s easy to miss shops. I headed over to Apliu street today (1 June) and picked up the components I needed, and a few tools on the side. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the followup, I’m glad it was helpful. If you know of any other geek destinations in Hong Kong please let me know for next time :)

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