Maker Faire badges

What all maker faires have in common is that the local hackerspace(s) come up with some kind of badge with a coincell and a blinking LED. In China things aren’t much different and we did see a few. This one could be bought as a kit at the Maker Faire for about 10 RMB (1.50 US$). On the second floor there were a couple of tables with soldering equipment so the freshly acquired badge could be put together in order to let the geek shine. The led alternates between red and blue.

This one could also be bought for 10 RMB and is made by the ChaiHuo Makerspace. The LED flashes red or blue, depending on which kit you have bought.

Of course we couldn’t resist in designing a badge ourselves.. On the last moment we came up with this design, powered by a coincell, a PIC12LF1822 and a whopping 3 red LEDs! We quickly threw in some firmware we had on the shelves and we had a working prototype. We send the files off to the boardhouse and ordered a dozen PICs. Both arrived on time so the idea was born to get some of the parts in Shenzhen and solder them on the spot at the Maker Faire. Unfortunately time wasn’t on our side and we lacked the time to get the part or even to solder the badges. This working prototypes was the only one that made it into mainland China.

The lesson we learned (again!) is to start earlier :)

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  1. Heh I’ve learned this lesson a dozen times and I’m sure it wasn’t the last.
    Those are cool badges so either keep em for next time or sell them/give them away. I wouldn’t mind buying one of them :)

  2. I learn that lesson often, as well. maybe I’m not actually learning it… Anyway, I would buy one of those as well!

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