VIDEO #15: Apliu Street electronics market tour

Dangerous Prototypes drops by the Apliu Street electronics market in Hong Kong on the way to Shenzhen, China. It’s a smaller market, but a great warmup for Hua Qiang Bei.

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You can also grab a Google Maps layer for all the locations we visited.

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  1. Wait wait wait. The electronics store opens right out into a kitchen? I hate to think what storage conditions like that do to the components. Still, I am envious of just the availability of stuff.

    Also, given that Aoyue are basically knockoffs themselves, I’m kind of curious what goes into those knockoffs of knockoffs.

  2. Hua Qiang Bei Lu……….

    The issue with most of this ‘Knock off crap’ is that when you get it into an XRF machine, you start to see just how dangerous and toxic some of this stuff is. (I’m not talking lead)
    It always amazes me that people think it is perfectly safe to buy very cheap metal parts and think they are ‘safe’ just because the parts are shiney…
    I was doing an audit job at one factory and the parts were actually radio active, I mean how the hell do you end up with radio active metal battery connectors?

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