Maker Faire Shenzhen China roundup

Check out our posts about China’s first Maker Faire in Shenzhen: VIDEO: Shenzhen Maker Faire Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Setup Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Machines Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Toys Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Robots Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Around the Faire Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Dangerous Prototypes booth Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Dangerous Prototypes […]

Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Conclusion

China’s first Maker Faire was a huge success. The building was full from open to close, and the maker after party stretched late into the night. The projects were amazing, and the people were fantastic. We met a ton of amazing makers, and we can’t wait to go back next year. A huge thanks to […]

Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Dangerous Prototypes FAQ presentation

There were six featured speakers at Maker Faire Shenzhen covering all aspects of engineering and hardware manufacturing. We did an FAQ about Dangerous Prototypes, what we do, and why we like open source. Download the presentation here. What we do How we started Why open source? Why open development? Why free PCBs? Why fulfillment? Lessons […]

Maker Shenzhen Interview: Qin Shiyun, Shenzhen

Qin is the youngest maker we met in China. This crafty 12 year old designed a robot that sweeps floors, and another that mimics a penguin’s walk. These were originally part of a class project, but she continued building and improving them. She likes the fact that Maker Faires are both adult- and children-friendly. Seeing […]

Maker Shenzhen Interview: Barry Xu, Shanghai

Barry has been designing an open source MP3 player, and sees the Maker Faire as a perfect way to do some research for his project. He’d like to expand his project into automatic home applications. Maker Fairs offer a great outlet for creative people, according to Barry, and he loves the hackerspace-like environment. Barry is […]

Maker Shenzhen Interview: Jessie Du, Shenzhen

Jessie, an electronics and design student at Shenzhen University, came to Maker Faire to show her motorized figurines. When she isn’t hacking electronics, she’s busy managing the local ChaiHuo hackerspace. She believes Maker Faires are an excellent way to stimulate creativity. Shenzhen is the perfect location for the first Maker Faire thanks to its huge […]

Maker Shenzhen Interview: Pi Kai, Shenzhen

Pi Kai builds educational robots, similar to LEGOs, for preschool and primary aged kids. His project has spanned four years, and is driven by his desire to stimulate children’s creativity and interest in electronics. This is his first Maker Faire. He likes the social gathering and creative aspects, and appreciates that it isn’t focused on […]

Maker Shenzhen Interview: Gen Ito, Japan

Gen Ito can from Japan to be part of China’s first Maker Faire. He is project is a wearable gesture controlled Android tablet computer. He’s been working on the project for about a month, and enjoys making physical computing fun for everyone. He believes it’s very important for China to have Maker Faires because almost […]

Maker Shenzhen Interview: Felix Lam, Hong Kong

Co-founder of Makible and member of the Hong Kong hackerspace Felix Lam was glad to see Maker Faire come to Shenzhen. He sees it as an excellent way to get people into the Maker mindset, and get them involved with creative projects. He things Shenzhen is a particularly good place for China to host their […]

Maker Shenzhen Interview: Jacob Rosenthal, Arizona

Jacob Rosenthal is on a 30-day tour of China. He’s learning more about large scale manufacturing while touring China’s electronics industry.  Having visited Maker Faires in the Bay Area and Phoenix, these events aren’t new to him. Jacob believes making is a fundamental human need, and it’s important to have Maker Faire in as many […]

Maker Shenzhen Interview: Tom McKinnon, Colorado

Tom McKinnon is building an electric motorcycle with Hackcelerator, a program that helps makers start businesses using resources in Shenzhen. He’s been working on his project for 2-3 years, and is most satisfied with the creativity side of it. He likes Maker Faires because he loves robots and the chance to meet new people.

Maker Shenzhen Interview: David Li, Shanghai

David Li is the founder of XinCheJian, China’s first hackerspace in Shanghai. He sees Maker Faires as an opportunity for Chinese makers to highlight their creativity and break out of the mass-production mentality. This was his first faire, and he’d would like to see them return on a yearly basis.

Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Around the Faire

Here’s a sample of the buzz and activities from around Maker Faire Shenzhen. Mitch Altman, inventor of the TV-B-Gone and hacker space evangelist, was there. He’s on an extended tour of China with a group of hackers and open source makers. You know it’s a real Maker Faire when Mitch Altman arrives. More photos below […]