GIVEAVAY: 2 Hakko tips and 1 heavy-duty solder paste

Lets take a break from the geek tour and give away two more Hakko 900M-T-3C soldering iron tips, and one can of heavy duty solder paste. This paste is too acidic and corrosive for PCB use. It’s intended for heavy duty soldering, like joining or repairing copper pipes.

We’ll give these away to 3 random commentators below, just leave a comment with your preference.

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  1. The tip would be nice. Mine is pointy and I never got around to replacing it with a flat tip.

  2. Composition/Vaseline 80-90wt% Zinc chloride 4-6 wt% Water 2-4wt% Paraffin 6-9wt% Ammonium chloride 1-3wt%

    This is the ingredient list for Goot BS-10 . It can not be over stressed, This stuff is a PITA to clean up after

    (Not a giveaway entry .. I have no hakko iron and plenty of grease already)

  3. Either, I’m not picky. Be interesting to find out if the paste can be used to do mild etching of copper plates ;)

  4. I could use a new tip for my soldering iron…

    But the solder paste could be useful too…

    Decisions, decisions

  5. I’d love to win a Hakko 900 tip. My wife just got ma a Hakko or Valentine‚Äôs Day and a spare tip would be handy.

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