GLOBAL GEEK TOUR: Apliu Street electronics market in Hong Kong

Apliu Street is a two block stretch of market stands, gadget shops, and electronic part stores in the Sham Shui Po neighborhood of Hong Kong. With only two major parts stores it doesn’t really compare to the other markets on the Global Geek Tour, but it was a great place to geek out on the way to mainland China.

Today we’ll have pictures and videos of Apliu Street, and the interesting stuff we spotted. We’ll also give away Hakko soldering tips and a couple other things we picked up in the market.

If you fly into Hong Kong on your own geek tour, Apliu Street is definitely worth a short trip. Here’s a couple resources to get you started:

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    1. I bought a SIM for $13USD with shipping for Hong Kong before I left. It got me 7 days unlimited 14.4MBPS (?units?) data for a week, with enough to make frequent calls and SMSs during the Hong Kong segments.

      In mainland China I used a card that cost ~$10 I think. It included maybe $5 of call credit (2 minutes to the US), 500MB data, and enough minutes and SMSs that I never noticed them run out.

      Internet was very good compared to Japan or Korea, but also everything was in Chinese so it was very hard to understand the exact details of what I got in each package. For instance in China I used the credit on an emergency call to the US, but them still had a ton of data and local calls left. It was never quite clear why.

      1. In China, you pay 120 yuan for the service. You get x min and x amount of data. You also get an extra 50 yuan to for whatever you want. It is not like the prepaid services in other places where 120 is used for everything . 120 gets you x min and x data, they are not dependent on each other. Its only after using up your data or min it will start using the extra yuan. It is more like a pay as you go contract plan.

    2. I got a ‘dual-number’ sim that worked both in mainland China as Hong Kong. It cost me 120HK$ and came with 68HK$ of credit. 3HK$/MB in both mainland as HongKong. Calling to foreign countries costs 0.40HK$/min + 0.80HK$/6sec.

      I only used it for webbrowsing and forumstuff. the credit was enough for just a week .

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