The 2017 Hackaday Prize

Hackaday just launched the 2017 Hackaday Prize, “Build Something That Matters” Hackaday is calling for the curious, the creative, the determined. The Hackaday Prize is for creating for social change in order to transform the world. Using your hardware and programming knowledge on top of your scientific, design, and mechanical abilities, you will innovate to make […]

TI Design Contest: Envision the ultimate NFC wearable

TI has announced a contest for NFC based wearable designs. Do you dream of creating a solution to make monitoring health and fitness activities easier? Using near field communication (NFC) in your designs can help! We want to hear your ideas for the next wearable design based on our RF430FRL15xH NFC sensor transponder in our […]

2015 Hackaday Prize: Build something that matters, We send you to space

HackADay just launched the 2015 Hackaday Prize, a competition to get Hackers building real products to make a better world: Want to go to Space or grab $196,883? How does $100k and a 6-month residency sound? These and hundreds of other prizes await those who build some that matters. Full details and how to enter: […]

Numato Mega New Year give away 2015 – Grab your surprise gift

Numato is hosting a ‘Mega New Year give away 2015‘.  Two random lucky winners will receive Waxwing Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board. Another five lucky winners will receive Mimas V2 Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board. And ten lucky winners will receive PIC18 Microcontroller Development Board.   Visit the contest info page for details. Again that time […]

SatNOGs wins the 2014 Hackaday Prize

Today Hackaday announce the 5 top winners!  SatNOGs wins the 2014 Hackaday Prize: The Grand Prize winner of the 2014 Hackaday Prize is SatNOGs. The project is a thrilling example of the benefits of a connected world. It opens up the use of satellite data to a much wider range of humanity by providing plans to build […]

Get free LinkIt ONE and groves with successful prototype

Seeed Studio is giving away LinkIt ONE.  For more details visit Seeed Studio’s blog: LinkIt ONE has been sold out 2,000 + pcs since its launch on Sept.22th . Everything goes perfect except the lack of demo or prototype built in LinkIt ONE, we hope various of funny and practical prototypeswill be born on LinkIt ONE […]

The Hackaday Prize: Two days left to get your rear launched into space!

HackADay’s make open hardware / get your butt launched into space contest has two days left. Get that project posted now! Ian will be one of the Judges, along with Bunnie, Lady Ada, and a bunch of great open hardware hackers: Sure, the procrastinators out there will probably hold out another day (or two), but we […]

SparkysWidgets: Hakko demo and giveaway

@SparkysWidgets tweted, “Latest video is up where I giveaway @HakkoUSA FX-888D @sparkfun swag and a @dangerousproto Bus Pirate” This is just a short demonstration video where I set the parameters on a FX-888D and then solder some SMD parts and show how one can create other types of soldering jobs! This is also the video […]

PyroElectro: Who can build the best P-O-V contest

PyroElectro is currently running a contest for who can build the best handheld or spinning POV device using an FPGA or CPLD. They’ll be presenting an example POV using VHDL in Lesson 9 @ PyroEdu. The top prize is a Basys2 Spartan-3E FPGA board valued at roughly $90.00.   Visit PyroElectro POV contest page for more […]

Nutaq’s SDR project idea contest

Tristan Martin from Nutaq writes to inform us of their academic contest (US only) for winning a PicoSDR kit with MIMO OFDM ref design (FPGA), it supports GNU Radio (GigE and PCIe). “You can submit with an existing (ongoing) project, it doesn’t have to be a “new” project. We do NOT get involved in the […]

Open Electronics: Contest 3Drag/K8200

Open Electronics is launching a new contest for people who bought the printer 3Drag or K8200: Thus here is this 3Drag Competition, reserved for those who possess a 3Drag or a Velleman K8200 3D printer (based on the same design). Nowadays it’s plenty of this machines: in fact, thanks to the collaboration with Velleman, the […]

Last call for entries to Hack the Arduino Robot competition

Today (January 26) is the closing date for initial idea submissions for the Hack The Arduino Robot contest sponsored by RobotChallenge. This year RobotChallenge in cooperation with Arduino and RS Components presents a new open source competition – “Hack the Arduino Robot!”. To apply for this competition you need to submit a short description of […]

Ford Traffic Tamer App challenge

Ford is currently sponsoring the Traffic Tamer App Challenge aimed at solving the issue of traffic congestion in the city of London. Part of this challenge encourages developers to use OpenXC in their solution to address the problem. Submissions are open until January 15th, 2014. The use of Ford’s OpenXC platform is encouraged, but not […]

Nooelec RTL-SDR giveaway at has teamed up with to give away RTL-SDR packages to 10 hams. To be eligible to enter the competition, you must be a registered amateur radio operator, and you must comment on the competition page. The prizes are: Two (2) Complete HF sets including NESDR Mini receiver and accessories; Two (2) Complete Touch […]

GIVEAWAY: The Whistled, a sound controlled relay

Mathieu Stephan over at Limpkin wants to giveaway three whistled platforms (assembled PCB).  The whistled allows you to control one device by simply whistling two musical notes. He’ll give these away to 3 random commenters, just leave a comment on this post. For more information visit the project’s site -Limpkin.   It’s also up on Tindie.

Another chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod winners

Today we announce the winners of the chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod!  There were lots of great ideas, thanks for your submissions. Congratulations to Andrew Rohne,  his idea for a mobile ham radio logging system scored him a chipKIT WF 32: Since the WF32 has a built-in USB host, if I won, I’d build a […]

GIVEAWAY: Another chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod

Later today we will announce the winners of the chipKIT WF 32, chipKIt Motor shield,  chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod!  Leave a comment on the original contest post with an idea for a cool project. The chipKIt Motor shield is available for $29.99, chipKIT WF 32 for $69.00, chipKIT DP 32 for $23.99, and chipKit Cmod for  $29.00  from Digilent.

GIVEAWAY: Another chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod

We decided to EXTEND the giveaway just a little bit longer!  Tomorrow we announce the winners of the another chipKIT WF 32, chipKIt Motor shield,  chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod!  Leave a comment on yesterday’s post with a project idea, and one of  these boards could be yours on Friday. The chipKIT WF32 is based on the popular Arduino™ open-source […]