Tutorial : Control your launchpad using your voice

Antscran over at the 430h forum posted a how-to on using an Android phone and voice commands to control a MSP430G2553: In this tutorial I will demonstrate a MSP430 voice control over Bluetooth, using a HC06 Bluetooth module.  I will be using an Android App I programmed which can be downloaded and installed, the C […]

Burn c into other chips using Arduino Duemilanove

Kathy Yang writes, “We may often encounter such situation as bootloader falls off when using Arduino, this thing can freak us out especially when we got no bootloader tools on hand. So what shall we do? Here we’ll introduce a way on how to burn c via Arduino, which is rather practical in cases when without […]

Kicad Tutorial: Using the autorouter

WayneAndLayne is doing a series of short Kicad tutorials.  This next tutorial in the series will show you how to use autorouter: Routing, the process of connecting all the pads of a printed circuit board (PCB) layout, can be a time-consuming and tedious process. To avoid the time and frustration of manually routing your PCB, there […]

App note: Resistive bridge basics – Part One

Part One – Resistive bridge basics: Bridge circuits are a time-honored way to make accurate measurement of resistance and other analog values. This article covers the basics of bridge circuits and shows how to use them to make accurate measurements in practical environments. It details the key concerns of bridge-circuit applications such as noise, offset […]

OpenERP tutorial shows how to organize your projects

Make Magazine has a tutorial on the OpenERP enterprise resource planing tool. It’s a project manager for tracking a project from an idea to fulfillment. The tutorial runs through one project example and explains how to setup all the steps along the way. ERP systems have been around for several decades, but for much of […]

HOW-TO: MYSQL database remote backup script

Thanks to amazing Linux server admin Alex, this site is extremely well backed up. Every hour we make a complete copy of the local harddrive, and then incrementally sync any new data to an offsite storage location. If all this fails, we want to preserve the most important part of the site – the databases […]

Basic input and output on the Netduino

Embedded-Lab is doing a series of tutorials for the Netduino, the open source Arduino shield compatible platform using the .Net Micro Framework. The first tutorial in the series is a how to on implementing basic input and output. We will start our Netduino tutorial series with a very basic project of flashing an LED. The […]