Revisiting the DSETA board with an AT89C51ED2

An update on Jesus Echavarria’s DSETA board we covered previously: Some months ago I review the DSETA board due the obsolescence of the microcontroller. I use this board in some projects succesfully. But when I try to manufacture a batch of this boards, I found that the microcontroller (AT89C51RE2) was obsolete. So, the board needs […]

Process Automation: Relays and triacs

Andy Brown designed and built this relays and triacs controller board that he could use to automate his homebrewing process: The heaters, fridge and fans that control the temperature in my brew fridge need to be switched on and off and that’s what this board is designed to achieve. As you can see from the diagram […]

110v temperature controlled soldering station build no. 2

Mike Doughty from PCB Smoke shared his DIY 110v temperature controlled soldering station in the project log forum: This project is build number 2 of a 110v temperature controlled soldering station. It is a follow-up post to the project that I was working on last October. Blog post with complete details here. This version has […]

Therm RTD

Matthew Reed writes: Therm RTD is an addition to the Therm PID Controller family, with support for RTD temperature sensors. RTDs (or Resistance Temperature Detectors) use a coil of fine wire made from a material (usually platinum, copper or nickel) that has a very predictable temperature coefficient of resistance (or change in resistance as temperature changes). […]

Monitoring woodstove temperature with a MAX31855 Quad Thermocouple BoosterPack

Spirilis over at the 43oh forum writes: This was a project begun last winter in the hopes of having an array of thermocouples to monitor my old woodstove when operating it. Well, I never got around to finishing it, but I have a fancy new woodstove as of this fall, and I would love to monitor its […]

Mini version of the OSI-300 trainer

Here’s Christopher’s mini version of the OSI-300, he wrote a post on his blog detailing its assembly: The OSI Model 300 Computer Trainer was advertised by Ohio Scientific Instruments in 1976 as a computer designed to introduce individuals to computers and teach them the basics of programming the MOS 6502 processor. The original trainer consists […]

PIC24 bedside table alarm clock

Markus Gritsch posted pictures of his PIC24 bedside table alarm clock in the project log forum: Another year, another clock, but for the first time for my alarm clocks. I am not using an MSP430 but a PIC24 instead. Standby current is with 5.5 µA only slightly higher than that of my MSP430 based ones. Time keeping is […]