TS100 oscilloscope hack

Befinitiv wrote an article describing his modification┬áto turn a TS100 soldering iron into an oscilloscope: As you can see in the video, you can use the soldering tip as your measurement probe. Coincidentally, a soldering iron has already a pretty good form factor for an oscilloscope. Here is a still picture of a UART waveform […]

Simple soldering iron driver (SSID) with Arduino PID control

Carlazar posted pictures of his simple soldering iron driver (SSID) with Arduino PID control in the project log forum: Main features are: – Any thermocouple type irons. – Additional control mode: On-Off controller (besides PID PWM). – External power supply: Some standard Notebook power supply DC 19V, 4.74A. – Small dimensions: It fits into 90mm […]

Drag soldering tips for Hakko 900M series and compatibles

A few weeks ago we wrote about hollowed-out chisel tips, and how good they are for drag soldering. Unfortunately they are either hard to find, or made only for expensive soldering irons. There also seem to be some patent disputes that keep them out of the US market for most major brands. Recently we were […]

Solomon soldering iron review

While working on his soldering iron driver Arhi did some research on Solomon soldering irons (machine translation). Solomon is one of the largest OEM manufacturers of soldering irons, it can be bought under various names like Nedis, Elanco, Tenma, etc. Replacement irons are cheap, under $16, making them perfect for his driver. The most common […]

Soldering iron tip selection guide from Hakko

Arhi contacted us about this useful guide for selecting the right size and shape tip for your soldering iron. First part of the article compares various diameter tips used over the same soldering point. Graphs show that for the fastest work-flow is when using larger or same size tips as the solder point. The second […]