DroidScript, Bus Pirate helper app for your Android device

JamesNewton writes, “I finally managed to write a USB OTG helper script for talking to the Bus Pirate.  The biggest problem I have with the Bus Pirate is that on the human side it speaks in very terse, hard to remember, codes. The point of this script is to make that easy by providing a […]

BOMtools: Python scripts build Kicad part database

Steve Rodgers has been busy coding. He’s developed a set of Python scripts (BOMtools) which allow you to extract part numbers from a Kicad schematic and match them to a part number database. There are two scripts. One which does the part merge operation and is called from Kicad and the other which manages the […]

Script to query Gerber file outer dimensions

Script to query Gerber file outer dimensions: At Wayne & Layne, we design a lot of circuit boards. During the request-for-quote (RFQ) process for getting a PCB fabricated, the outside dimensions of the PCB are an important driver of the overall per-unit price. As part of the W&L “prepare PCB for RFQ” process, we have […]

HOW-TO: MYSQL database remote backup script

Thanks to amazing Linux server admin Alex, this site is extremely well backed up. Every hour we make a complete copy of the local harddrive, and then incrementally sync any new data to an offsite storage location. If all this fails, we want to preserve the most important part of the site – the databases […]

Cadsoft EAGLE scripts to tweak settings and layers

Vimark made some new scripts to make our life easier. We use Cadsoft Eagle a lot and these scrips automate some of the more boring aspects of design. wherelabs_default.scr – scripts changes wire width to 10mil and via shape to round. hide_label_layers.scr – Hide top and bottom part names and part values layers. show_all_top_layers.scr – […]

New version of pyBusPiratelite Python library

cloudform511 updated the pyBusPiratelite Python library. This library has the building blocks for controlling the Bus Pirate from a Python script, there’s also some examples to get you started. Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

Bus Pirate: Python script for sht1x/sht7x sensors

Frank wrote a python script that reads the sht1x/7x temperature and humidity sensors using the Bus Pirate.  Script source is in SVN. Via the forum. Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

Logitech Revue rooted

GTV Hacker has developed a guide to installing applications and rooting your Logitech Revue. The new hack uses the Revue’s UART1 port to upload a start-up script which allows “root” access, allowing the installation of your own apps and access the full filesystem. You need to solder a set of leads to the mainboard and […]

Bus Pirate: PirateScope

Tim has written another oscilloscope script for the Bus Pirate. The script (distribute under GPL) is attached, as are a couple of screenshots.  The first displays the triggering function with the trigger voltage level  (horizontal dashed line) and the trigger point (vertical dashed line) shown on the graph.  The second shows the spectral analysis function […]

How-to: Export parts from Eagle libraries

The Dangerous Prototypes Eagle parts library has most of the parts used in our projects. It’s got just about everything we use on a daily basis.  We keep it in SVN so everyone has the latest version. Eagle stores footprints in a binary file, so SVN can’t merge differences if two people make changes at […]

Bus Pirate oscilloscope script

Hwmayer created a simple oscilloscope python script for the Bus Pirate. The latest version adds triggers, and sampling rates up to 1K using a new command in the upcoming firmware. Get a Bus Pirate v3b for $30, including worldwide shipping at Seeed Studio. Adafruit also has the Bus Pirate and probe cables in stock and […]

Bus Pirate script for 8×32 LED matrix

will_j posted a Bus Pirate script that controls a Sure Electronics 8×32 LED marquee: Here’s a quick and dirty perl script to display ‘BPv3’ on a Sure Electronics 8×32 LEd Matrix display. You can also use a 16×24 display if you change the second command code to 44 from 40. Any improvements gratefully received – […]

Bus Pirate support in Flashrom project

Flashrom is an open source utility for working with flash storage chips. It supports a bunch of flash chips commonly used on motherboards to hold the system BIOS. biosflasher (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger) recently added Bus Pirate support to Flashrom. It should be possible to program SPI flash chips using the next release of Flashrom and the […]