Ultra MegaMax Dominator (UMMD) 3D printer

Mark Rehorst has a nice write-up about building his Ultra MegaMax Dominator (aka UMMD) 3D printer: Ultra MegaMax Dominator (aka UMMD) is my third 3D printer design/build.  I used much of what I learned from its predecessors, and tried a few experiments, resulting in a very high quality machine that produces very high quality prints. […]

An almost reliable, high precision, 3D printer: Son of MegaMax (SoM)

Mark Rehorst wrote this instructable detailing the build of his 3D printer – Son of MegaMax (SoM): I built my first 3D printer, MegaMax, using surplus machine parts over a period of about 2 years. I built it myself because when I started the project, the biggest build envelope you could get in a reasonably priced machine was […]

A new driver board for the 3Drag 3D printer

A new board for the 3Drag 3D printer – there’s more than Sanguinololu Let’s improve the 3Drag with this new board that allows to control a fan and (thanks to the  ATmega2560 processor) add some code and accessory devices such as a display or an SD Card When we first released our 3D printer, we tried to use […]

Instructables is having a huge 3D printer giveaway

Instructables is having a huge 3D printer giveaway. Enter until 6th of June for the chance to win an Objet desktop 3D printer with a 6 month printing material supply, an UP! 3D printer, or free 3D printing services: This is your chance to win an Objet 3D Printer with a 6 month supply of […]