Beginners guide to open source AVR dev tools

Interactive Matter has produced a detailed tutorial on developing software for the Atmel AVR with AVR-Eclipse, AVR-GCC & AVRDude. Designed for beginners, following these steps will result in the installation of a full fledged IDE, with code completion, one click building, no make files and buttons to flash the AVR.

Xilinx free FPGA/CPLD design tutorials

The Arduino platform and bare microcontrollers are good ways to get started in developing embedded systems. But the way of the future is clearly CPLD and FPGA architecture. These devices are not simply a new type of chip, but a new and interesting design and development frontier. Their programs are developed using several methods, including […]

Hackety Hack V1.0 released

Hackety Hack has just released V1.0 of their interactive tutorial for learning the Ruby programming language. HH, combined with its corollary Shoes (a GUI dev toolkit) will get you coding with Ruby in no time. Check out their new website for information and downloads. While their approach is unorthodox and seems geared toward the pre-college […]

Bus Pirate: Sniff smartcard transactions

Philippe has been documenting his Linux Bus Pirate adventures, including a tutorial on sniffing different smartcard protocols: I just tried out my brand new bus pirate on a little project to sniff smartcard transactions (ISO7816). I could happily use the recent raw BRG handling in UART mode and I’m providing on my wiki some tips […]

Producing better documentation

NBitWonder sends us a meta how-to, documentation for producing better documentation: Documentation is fun!  Well… not really, but it’s a necessary evil if you plan to share your projects with the open-source community (or remember how you did something a year or two down the road).  Documentation may not be glamorous, but it’s an important […]