App note: VSOP98260 for IR code learning applications

Application note from Vishay on their VSOP98260 IR learning chip which uses the same IR LED as transceiver. Link here (PDF) There is a wide interest in universal remote controls, which can be used to diminish the “clutter” of remote controls typically present in a modern living room setting. Training the universal remote to send […]

Intervalometer turns on the air conditioning at night automatically

Matseng designed an IR remote control intervalometer. He got tired of waking up and turning on his air conditioner during the night, so he built a project to do it for him. The device sends on/off IR codes to the air conditioner, controlling it at set intervals. He designed it on our DP7043 standard PCB template, […]

7400 competition entry: C-IR capture device

Kevin entered a Detailed consumer IR capture with 74HCxx series chips for the Open 7400 Logic Competition: This is a CIR (Consumer IR / Remote Control) capture device built with 74HCxx series logic chips. It allows a computer to do a detailed capture with carrier frequency, on/off durations, and on duration pulse counts. Via the […]

Logic Sniffer: RC transmitter module design debug

pppd created a removable RC transmitter module based on ATtiny25  with the Logic Sniffer. Annoyed by an uncomfortable RC transmitter design and its stick mode, pppd decided to build a removable RC transmitter. It works by converting the standard RC PPM into the IR signal used by the toy. But first he needed to reverse engineer the original using the […]

Traffic lights and MIRT

Why do traffic lights seem to change green whenever emergency and government vehicles approach? Through the use of various technologies, one of which involves use of a Mobile InfraRed Transmitter (MIRT). An IR sensing device like that pictured above is mounted near overhead traffic lights and senses certain IR LED pulse codes sent by approaching […]

Infrared remote control extender

s3c tipped us to an infrared remote extender at Electronics Lab. A 555 timer IC is set to oscillate at 38kHz. Each IR pulse from a remote control, detected by a TSOP1738 IR receiver module, activates the timer. The timer blinks several IR LEDs through a transistor at 38kHz, recreating the input signal. Handy little […]

Prototype: USB infrared remote control receiver/transmitter

The most recent documentation is now on the wiki. UPDATE: there is now a USB IR Toy v2! Infrared remote controls are ubiquitous, they’re used everywhere but we don’t give them much thought. The goal of this project is to investigate the invisible signals emitted by remote controls. This IR hacking tool can visualize infrared […]

Remote control color changing pumpkin

Halloween is only a few days away. We’re getting into the spirit by building a remote control color changing pumpkin. Channel buttons 0-8 on the remote toggle the colors of the rainbow. Button 9 activates an ‘angry pumpkin’ mode that flashes a scary red strobe for a few seconds. It uses a minimal PIC 18F2550 […]