App note: Silicon Labs’ TS3004 VS. the CMOS 555 – Determining lowest supply current for battery-powered applications

Good read on this app note from Silicon Labs comparing their low power but obsolete timer. Link here (PDF) The 555 timer is the workhorse of ICs, with close to a billion of them manufactured every year. Introduced in 1972, the 555 is still in widespread use because of its ease of use, reasonable price, […]

The easy peasy stepper driver/stepper motor test circuit

Rohit Gupta writes: I made a very easy to make stepper driver and motor tester that could be useful to people working with steppers for 3D printers or CNC. I saw an article a while back here on DP and HackADay itself that used a controller (ATiny45 i guess). I thought it would be useful […]

Christmas Tree O’Digital Logic

Chris from PyroElectro writes about his holiday project. “It’s an all-digital-hardware LED Christmas tree we’re calling the Christmas Tree O’Digital Logic. The tree itself is composed of 64 LEDs built into a spiral sitting on a piece of protoboard. Underneath, the controller uses shift registers and a 555 timer to create two modes of display: […]

555 Circuit Design Contest

Jeri Ellsworth and company have begun the 555 Contest, billed as the “biggest, newest, most-independently conceived 555 timer design contest the world has ever seen!” They’re searching for original circuits and application using the venerable 555 timer IC. Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2011, and a little bird just told us there over $1,600 […]

Infrared remote control extender

s3c tipped us to an infrared remote extender at Electronics Lab. A 555 timer IC is set to oscillate at 38kHz. Each IR pulse from a remote control, detected by a TSOP1738 IR receiver module, activates the timer. The timer blinks several IR LEDs through a transistor at 38kHz, recreating the input signal. Handy little […]