Seeed Studio: Free shipping on this CNY holiday!

Free shipping on this CNY holiday at Seeed Studio: This is a notification that let you know we are going to Chinese New Year holiday soon. Yeah….Happy Chinese New Year! The holiday start on : 2/14/2015 ~ 2/25/2015 (UTC+8) 24/7 Online Store, if you place an order(Fusion service included) during the holidays, you can enjoy: 1) […]

Holiday tunes from Attiny13 and SPI Flash

In clearing up the year-end mail, we noted this from Vinod sharing one of his recent hobby projects. “This is a holiday hardware hack creating WAV music player using a 512KB SPI Flash he cobbled from a damaged digital camera and the Attiny13 MCU. I implemented UART for song updating…. It is a hack with […]

Numato Mega New Year give away 2015 – Grab your surprise gift

Numato is hosting a ‘Mega New Year give away 2015‘.  Two random lucky winners will receive Waxwing Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board. Another five lucky winners will receive Mimas V2 Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board. And ten lucky winners will receive PIC18 Microcontroller Development Board.   Visit the contest info page for details. Again that time […]

Seeed Studio Pre-Christmas Sale — Save up to 50% OFF

Seeed’s Pre-Christmas promotion begins! The discount season will last from 10th to 24th Nov., amazing discount (up to 50%) is waiting for you. Get discount Pre-Christmas open hardware, discount Groves and Xadow wearable modules, discount Arduino Compatible Board and Shields ,discount Raspberry Pi and accessories, discount Flexible LED Trips and Rainbow Cube ,get what you […]

Hack your Valentine with HeartThrob

A geek love by Boris Landoni: Hack your Valentine with HeartThrob Today we present the perfect Valentine gadget: just shake it and it will turn on and crate incredible light animations. That will be cool for sure! We know that, as it’s Valentine’s Day, looking at the device described in this post you’ll be inclined to […]

Numato Mega New Year give away 2014 – Grab your surprise gift

Tom over at Numato writes,  “This year we are calling all electronics enthusiasts to join this event and grab their free gift. Gifts ranging from SMD adapters to FPGA boards. More details at” This is the happiest time of the year for sure. Christmas is around the corner, New Year 2014 is fast approaching. And one […]