App note: Emitters and detectors for infrared (IR) touchscreens

App note from OSRAM about IR LEDs and IR detectors used on touchscreen technologies. Link here (PDF) Touchscreens as a popular user interface are more and more common. Applications span from public information systems to customer self-service terminals. Thus, as a logical step, more and more devices today feature this kind of user interface, e.g. […]

App note: Eye safety for proximity sensing using infrared light-emitting diodes

A guide to human eye safety for designers of consumer products, app note from Renesas. Link here (PDF) Active Proximity Sensing for Consumer products requires the use of a light-emitting component to illuminate the target object to be detected at some distance from the sensor. Typically, product designers do not want the illumination to interfere […]

App note: Understanding infrared diode power ratings

App note from TT Electronics about infrared diode specs, how they vary from different manufacturers, and help clear things about infrared definition of parameters. Link here (PDF) Infrared emitting diode power measurement is dependent upon a number of variables which must be precisely defined in order for design engineers to utilize data sheet information. Manufacturers […]

App note: Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy with the SFH 473X – Background & technology

Infrared spectroscopy by OSRAM and their SFH 473X broadband light emitters. Link here (PDF) Imagine you can check if the mangos on the market are sweet – without even touching them… Imagine you can verify if your prescribed medical tablets contain the life-saving compound – or if they are counterfeits… Imagine you can check the […]

App note: General overview of IR transmission in free ambient

Vishay’s general information about IR transmission in free ambient. Link here (PDF) Free ambient IR data transmission, IR remote control as well as most opto-electronic sensors and light barrier systems work with an optical wavelength between 870 nm and 950 nm. The emitter and detector components are highly efficient in this near IR wavelength band […]

App note: Using Vishay infrared receivers in a Wi-Fi environment

2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz Wi-fi signals can sometimes affect IR receivers, here’s Vishay’s app note about them. Link here (PDF) In recent years, Wi-Fi connectivity has penetrated most consumer electronic devices used for media reproduction. New TVs, satellite receiver and cable boxes, and streaming devices are more often than not built with Wi-Fi capabilities at […]

Developing an IR remote and Software controller

Hardware Hacks has published a new build, a DIY Infrared remote for speaker: The idea is simple, we capture the IR signal from a remaining speaker remote and record the commands that get transmitted. We did this by connecting up our IR Receiver to the Arduino, the receiver has 3 pins and from left to right […]

App note: Infrared gesture sensing

An application note from Silicon Labs on Infrared gesture sensing (PDF!): Touchless user interfaces are an emerging trend in embedded electronics as product designers seek out innovative control methods and more intuitive ways for users to interact with electronics. Active infrared proximity motion sensing can solve this challenge. Silicon Labs Si114x proximity and ambient light sensor products […]

MLX90614ESF IR thermometer interface with the Bus Pirate V3 and V4

TitanMKD shared a demo of the MLX90614ESF IR thermometer interface with the Bus Pirate. His demo contains details on how to read the device specifications in the Bus Pirate I2C mode, ambient and measured object temperature, and PWM mode calibration data. Multiple measurements can be read every 100ms. Via the forum. Get your own handy Bus […]

Confessions of a prototyper: USB Infrared Toy

Confessions is a series where we share prototypes that didn’t quite work out. Read previous posts for the Bus Pirate, #twatch, and web platform here. The USB Infrared Toy took a few tries to get right. We’d like to fill you in on some things that happened behind the scenes before we released the v1 […]

USB IR Toy transmit frequency

Most infrared remote controls emit modulated light pulses to activate an infrared receiver. Using modulated IR light helps prevent stray light from messing with reception. Pulses at around 38kHz and 56kHz are common, but many values are used. The USB IR Toy’s transmitting LED is driven by a pulse-width modulator (PWM) that can be adjusted […]

Prototype: USB infrared remote control receiver/transmitter

The most recent documentation is now on the wiki. UPDATE: there is now a USB IR Toy v2! Infrared remote controls are ubiquitous, they’re used everywhere but we don’t give them much thought. The goal of this project is to investigate the invisible signals emitted by remote controls. This IR hacking tool can visualize infrared […]

Free PCB Sunday: Infrared receiver/transmitter

We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few professionally-made PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype. This is a prototype PCB for an upcoming USB infrared receiver/transmitter project, it isn’t the […]