Tutorial: Arduino and IR control

Tronixstuff has posted a tutorial explaining how to implement IR remote control in an Arduino project. His demo uses the Vishay TSOP4138 IR receiver and his own downloadable IRremote library for Arduino.

This segment is the latest in a series of Arduino tutorials posted by Tronixstuff.

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  1. Great blog!

    I even considered buying an Agilent U1272A meter.
    Unfortunately it is much to expensive in Europe.
    370$ translate to 410€, unbelievable, unfortunately we have no gold (shitting) donkeys in good old Europe.


  2. Hi John

    Thank you for your help!
    I already have enough multimeter, mostly old lab grade instruments, like my favourite the HP3478A or the Fluke 8050A.

    What I miss is a meter with a fast update rate, like the one Dave uses in blog # 158. Such a meter would be really useful but unfortunately they are not cheap or available at the second hand market,…


  3. Hi, Fournd you searching for IR and Arduino. I am newbie at Arduino and just bought an IRTOY that I would like to use to decode and transmit my Air Conditioners Remote buttons IR code (just two buttons) and I can’t even get the IRToy to work on my Mac. I am wondering if you might know anything about how to interface them? I have scowered the net but mostly it PC centered (IRToy) but there ARE some Mac instructions. Still,I don’t know how to use the Terminal app to talk to the IRToy and certainly am clueless about Arduino talking to it, if at all possible? Would you be so kind to shed some light if an all possible, interested? Thanks!


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