ATtiny25 Basic VCO, RC oscillator overclocking and testing frequency pickup

Alex over at InsideGadgets has posted an article describing how he built an ATtiny25 voltage controller oscillator (VCO): I recently bought a Rigol DS1052E and have been playing around with the different functionality it has. Eventually I came to the point that I’d like to see what frequency does to various components and wanted to build […]

AVR microcontroller based PWM fan controllers

Zak Kemble posted his AVR based PWM fan controller build: So this is a bit of a continuation on my 555 timer based PWM controllers, but now using microcontrollers and MOSFETs instead of 555 ICs and transistors. I made 2 versions, one with switches for speeding up and down and the other with a potentiometer […]

Clock source for the EasyDriver

Henrik designed and built an adjustable clock source for the EasyDriver that maintains the same motor speed over a range of step resolutions. It adjusts the driving frequency depending on the resolution of steps the EasyDriver makes per input pulse. EasyDriver is a stepper motor driver that moves the motor one preselected step for every […]

Logic Sniffer: RC transmitter module design debug

pppd created a removable RC transmitter module based on ATtiny25  with the Logic Sniffer. Annoyed by an uncomfortable RC transmitter design and its stick mode, pppd decided to build a removable RC transmitter. It works by converting the standard RC PPM into the IR signal used by the toy. But first he needed to reverse engineer the original using the […]