Home automation using power line signaling protocols

Darco is evaluating home automation systems for his new house. Devices will be controlled over a power line signaling protocol like X10 or UPB power-line signaling. He seems set to use the more advanced, well documented, and more expensive UPB protocol. To circumvent the hefty price-tags of UPB equipment, he is designing his own device […]

Defcon 19: Hacking over power lines

Dave Kennedy (ReL1K) presented this talk at last summer’s Defcon 19 conference demonstrating the relative insecurity of home automation devices, such as X10, HomePlug and ZWave modules, which communicate either locally over power lines or via RF in the ISM bands. The presentation covers usage of the Teensy Arduino-based device to emulate a keyboard when […]

Hacking home automation X10 devices over power lines

X10 home automation devices control household systems over AC power lines. In the past their online pop-up ads were pervasive and hard to avoid and these devices are fairly common today. Researchers Dave Kennedy, aka Rel1k, and Rob Simon, aka Kc57, revealed two X10 hacking devices at the recent Defcon 19 conference in Las Vegas. […]