More projects using Altoids tin boxes as enclosures

In response to our “Disposable metal boxes make excellent shielded enclosures” app note post, Sverre shared some of his projects using the same enclosures. They are mostly RF projects, benefiting from the tin enclosure’s EMF protection. Nice post which triggered me to picture some of my own Altoid projects. Via the comments.

Workshop Update for July 26th, 2012

Releasing the Sick of Beige standard PCB template and cases dominated the day. We made a video about it, showed off the standard PCB library, and presented the two initial SoB v1 case designs. As a demo project for the Sick of Beige cases, toady we designed 2 protoboards on DP6037  (60mmx37mm) standard PCBs. One […]

Machined acrylic case for the Bus Pirate

Vibrolax machined a case for his Bus Pirate: It was made from a scrap piece of 0.125″ acrylic sheet. My co-worker Arpad gets credit for the smooth edges, as he machined it on a Bridgeport mill. The 4-40 standoffs provides clearance between the top sheet and the Bus Pirate. A single washer provides clearance between […]

Bus Pirate week, day 3 – cases and enclosures

This week is dedicated to Bus Pirate development. Today we looked at Bus Pirate cases, past and future. Here’s some links mentioned in the video: Tons of awesome user submitted cases Synthetos acrylic Bus Pirate v3a case Correction: v3a case is only $14.99! Francisco’s latest milled case for v3.5 Tomorrow we’ll do our Bus Pirate […]