Machined acrylic case for the Bus Pirate

Vibrolax machined a case for his Bus Pirate:

It was made from a scrap piece of 0.125″ acrylic sheet. My co-worker Arpad gets credit for the smooth edges, as he machined it on a Bridgeport mill. The 4-40 standoffs provides clearance between the top sheet and the Bus Pirate. A single washer provides clearance between the Bus Pirate and the bottom sheet. We machined a shallow pocket into the bottom sheet under the main connector to provide clearance for the through-hole pins.


See our case video from a few weeks ago, and even more awesome DIY cases from Bus Pirate fans.

The Bus Pirate is a hacking multi-tool that can talk to many common electronic chips. Get the Bus Pirate DIY edition PCB from the PCB drawer for $3.95. Get an assembled Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

Via the forum.


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