Laser cut acrylic case for Bus Pirate v4

Here’s another cool laser cut acrylic case for the Bus Pirate. It’s made out of 4 layers of 2mm transparent acrylic. The inner two layers simultaneously act as standoffs and as an edge to the enclosure. The SVG source files are available if anyone wants to laser cut his design. I designed a laser cut […]

Machined acrylic case for the Bus Pirate

Vibrolax machined a case for his Bus Pirate: It was made from a scrap piece of 0.125″ acrylic sheet. My co-worker Arpad gets credit for the smooth edges, as he machined it on a Bridgeport mill. The 4-40 standoffs provides clearance between the top sheet and the Bus Pirate. A single washer provides clearance between […]