Buspirate issues solved?

Recently the forum is flooded with people that are experiencing troubles with the Buspirate v3.6. Pieter in the forum was no exception. He first tried the Buspirate on his Windows 8.1 and Vista machine and went to the forum after finding out hise buspirate didn’t respond to anything. The supportteam in the forum suspected the PIC was not programmed or […]

BP writing U-Boot to TP-Link WR741ND router flash

Musti is a fan of the Bus Pirate and writes to share his method for using it to unbrick a TP-Link wireless router. The router had been bricked during a failed firmware upgrade, and Musti was able to desolder the FLASH memory chip and rewrite the bootloader to it using BP along with Flashrom. Get […]

Bus Pirate on EEVblog and 2×8 connector support on LCD adapter

Dave over at EEVblog tested an HD44780 LCD, and he used the Bus Pirate and LCD adapter in his demo. In the video he works with an LCD that has a 2×8 header, but the LCD adapter only supports a 1×16 type. Here’s a prototype LCD adapter board updated with an optional 2×8 LCD header. […]

HOW-TO: Use the Bus Pirate v3 as a PIC development board

The Bus Pirate is a handy debugging tool, but it’s also a 16 bit PIC 24FJ64GA002 development board. You don’t need a programmer to play, just upload the firmware over USB using the Bus Pirate’s nearly-impossible-to-brick bootloader. It’s easy to go back to the original Bus Pirate firmware at any time. This demo is step […]

NEW PRODUCT: Surface mount protoboard SOIC

Dangerous Protoboard: Bus Pirate v3/SOIC is now available for $10.  This is Sjaak’s special Dangerous Protoboard for working with SOIC chips and SMD parts, it includes a Bus Pirate v3 connector for easy testing. It has footprints for: 0805 parts (59x) SOIC chips from .150″ to .3″ (max 112 pins) SOT23-3 (16x) 26×10 pin through-hole […]

Seeed Studio’s new pick and place machine

Take a look at Seeed Studio’s new pick and place machine. It looks like the board being stuffed is a Bus Pirate v3. Video here. Via the forum. Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors Adafruit, Open Source Control Systems, and eHaJo.