PCB stencil service now available at Seeed Studio

Laser cut SMT stencil service  is now available at Seeed Studio: After using rapid-prototyping tools such as Arduino and Grove to finish your prototype, you must desire to DIY PCB and PCBA to make your designs more concise. To make PCB manufacturing easier and more affordable, we’ve provided 2-layer Fusion PCB Service & 4-layer Fusion […]

Seeed sends $10 Fusion PCB service coupons with every PCB order

Seeed Studios is currently (17.1.2013-20.1.2013) running a promotion where you get a $10 Fusion PCB service coupon with every PCB order. This is a push to promote the recent changes made to the ordering process. The service is now made through an automated online ordering process. You just upload your files, chose the specs and […]

Cost breakdown of Seeed’s PCB service

Mat has gone through the trouble of filling up a spreadsheet with the cost breakdown of Seeed’s PCB service. It seems that the boards with the lowest cost-to-area ratio are the 10cmx10cm ones that are ordered in quantities of 10. For higher quantities it quickly becomes apparent that the larger boards have a lower cost-to-area […]

Seeed Studio vs ITead Studio PCB service head to head

Florin made a head to head comparison of Seeed and ITead’s inexpensive PCB services. He made the orders with the same design files, on the same day. While the Seeed order came in after 4 weeks, ITead’s came just 15 days after the order was made. The author however suspects it might have been a […]

Workshop Update for July 17th, 2012

Today we arranged orders for our fantastic wholesaler Watterott in Germany, and two potential new resellers to be disclosed soon. Seeed Studio shipped Adafruit’s most recent wholesale order a few days earlier than scheduled – thanks to everyone there for all the great work! We had a team workshop on a Dangerous Prototypes part kit. […]

Little-Wire entered production at Seeed Studios

The Little-Wire, TinyAVR based multi-tool has entered production at Seeed Studios. After some initial difficulties with production setup, the first run of Little Wires has started production last week. Last Friday they said me that they’ll start the production  immediately at that day. I’m waiting … I hope at most at the end of this […]

DSJTAG – USB JTAG debugger and programmer for both Xilinx and Altera IDEs

Seeed has a cheap JTAG programmer/debugger for both major FPGA/CPLD brands. It emulates both the Xilinx Platform USB Cable and Altera USB blaster JTAG programmers with a flip of a switch. As a Xilinx Platform USB Cable it is supported by the manufacture’s iMPACT, ISE, Chipscope and EDK software bundles. The firmware is upgradable through […]

First open hardware gathering in China

Seeed featured an article about the first open hardware gathering in China on their blog: This is the very first conference in China about open hardware, and surely will trigger much more events and activities. Hackerspaces are born all over China like bamboo shoots, and spreading the Maker movement in its region, more people interested […]