Milled aluminum Bus Pirate case

Mmattice shared pictures of his milled aluminum Bus Pirate case. The Bus Pirate is a hacking multi-tool that can talk to many common electronic chips.

I make use of my BP at both home and work, and wanted something to encase it in. I started with a printed case I found on thingiverse, but that wasn’t very good for several reasons. The least of which was that the mini-usb cable wouldn’t fit inside the end with the lid on. I’m a member of a local hackerspace that is leasing a giant CNC mill from one of its other members, so I decided I’d learn a bit and make a case for myself.

See our case video from a few weeks ago, and even more awesome DIY cases from Bus Pirate fans.

Get an assembled Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

Via the forum.

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  1. The only issue with a case like this is that you then need better protection for everything else it shares a bag with.

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